How to disconnect a SMS subscription

How to disconnect a SMS subscription

When users agree to SMS subscriptions – news about weather, sport, finance or entertainments – they do not think that messages will come every day. As a result the frequency of receiving these news becomes so high that begins to irritate.


1. To disconnect an undesirable SMS subscription in the MegaFon company, check for a start what news you connected. For this purpose find in the SIM menu phone, select MegaFonPro and click the Subscriptions point where you will see the list of news. After that send a free Sms, having written "List" or "List", on that number of a subscription that does not suit you. From this point news will not come to your phone.

2. If the telephone communication used by you belongs to the Beeline company, use the short number *110*09# and make request. When on your mobile phone the message comes with the list of all your subscriptions and services with the indication of their cost, browse and select unnecessary. Then again dial the short number, only this time support 0622, and undergo process of shutdown according to the instruction in the sound menu.

3. The special section "My Services" and "Internet assistant" was developed for shutdown of news about sport, weather and others subjects, undesirable to you, in mobile systems of MTS. They allow not only to disconnect a subscription, but also to learn all list of the connected services.

4. To learn the list of the subscriptions, send the Sms with the empty text to number 8111. After a while you receive on phone the response message with the list of the connected services.

5. After that visit the website of the company and connect Internet-pomoshchnik service for what send the Sms, having written "25 (space) the password" on number 111. At the same time think up the password, having entered   from 6 to 10 characters. When Internet-pomoshchnik is connected, click appropriate section on the website, enter the number and the password. In the appeared window select the Services and Services tab, and then — "Management of services". Find those subscriptions that you are not suited, and cancel them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team