How to enter on the website without registration

How to enter on the website without registration

Now floating around the Internet the set of different entertaining and informative resources meets. Unfortunately, many of them require registration that the user could use them with comfort. Of course, with the classified information nobody will let you to the website, and here you can quite visit the most normal entertaining website, without being registered on it.


1. After registration procedure passing the user has additional opportunities, it has an access to the sections closed earlier or a forum of the website. You can come on a resource without registration, having just entered the address of the homepage of the website into an address bar of the browser and having clicked Enter.

2. The most part of the websites on the Internet allows to browse contents without registration that automatically sweeps aside the solution of this problem as also the problem already stops being it.

3. The news websites and directories of articles usually belong to such resources. You can quietly come on such portal and browse news, read articles and so on. Here it is possible to carry open forums (without registration at a forum often it is impossible to leave messages there and to create subjects, but it is possible to browse already available subjects), the websites business cards and many other categories of Internet resources.

4. Sometimes happens that the website can use without registration, however on the screen, for example, the pop-up message with the offer can jump out continually to register. You can close and continue to browse it website contents, will not pass to other its page yet. It, of course, irritates, but if you do not want to be registered on one website that "login password" was not necessary to remember one more sheaf, it is possible to leave everything as it is.

5. Certainly, nobody cancelled the address to programmers that those solved an input problem on an Internet resource, but there is one important point. If creators of the website did not provide its use without registration, the input on it by means of programmers from outside or hackers will be already violation of the current legislation. If you have a big need to visit the website, write to administrators of a resource and describe a problem. If good reasons, can grant your request.

6. If you need to come on a forum of any game or entertainment portal without registration, it is possible to try to register respectively in a game or on the portal. In certain cases registration at the forum connected with a resource is automatic together with registration on the resource.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team