How to extract pictures

How to extract pictures

It is possible to extract pictures differently. Everything depends on location of images. Sometimes they can just be saved on the hard drive (without changing at all), and sometimes it is necessary to take the screenshot (print screen) as there is no possibility of correct saving simply.


1. The most elementary method of extraction of pictures from the Internet is a simple saving it on the hard drive. As a rule, it is possible to make it so: it is necessary to click the right mouse button on the picture and to click "save the image as", then to select the necessary directory of saving. If the format of the saved image does not open, then, most likely, you will need to install the modern version of the program for viewing pictures (for example, IrfanView).

2. If, clicking the right mouse button the image, the error appears, it seems "all rights for the image are protected", generally, function of standard saving is not available. Or even if the image is saved, but opens under what conditions (or opens incorrectly, for example, images from Wikipedia), then it is necessary to save pictures in a different way. This way is rather simple. For saving images it is enough to click on the keyboard the Print Screen key or as this key usually is called: Prt Scr SysRq opposite to the image necessary to you.

3. After clicking of Print Screen the image is automatically brought in a clipboard. It is possible to view its saved version by means of the browser of IrfanView, having clicked "insert". The image, however, will look not quite correct as together with the picture the excess background of the whole picture will also be saved. But situation can be improved quickly enough by means of the same IrfanView program. It is enough to select area of the picture and to click "cut selected", and then again "insert". Then it can be saved as the normal picture in a directory necessary to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team