How to find the user's IP address

How to find the user's IP address

The English abbreviation of IP is decrypted as Internet Protocol and the address is usually used in combination with a word that in English sounds so: IP-address. This concept designates a unique address of a node in any computer network including the Internet, constructed according to the IP protocol. But the difference of the Internet from a local area network is that in it, in a type of its scales, it is necessary to provide uniqueness of the address at the global level.


1. The greatest distribution was got by IPv4 encoding according to which this address is provided 32nd by bit number. But he registers not the sequence edinichek and zeroes, and in the form of four numbers of a decimal system of calculation accepting value from 0 to 255, besides separated by points. For example, the IP address can look so:

2. Now about types of the IP addresses. The static address, proceeding from the name, identifies a node throughout an unlimited time interval, and, in a type of it, it cannot be assigned to other device. Dynamic it is assigned to a node for limited time, for example, for connection it to network. This address type can be virtual which service is made on NAT technology.

3. The net surfer can learn the IP address by means of four protocols, the most widespread of which is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). If on your computer the Windows operating system is installed, in its command line gather ipconfig then, actually, and your IP address will be highlighted.

4. Now this service and in the system of Yandex is available. It is called "Internet Yandex". To use it, just enter the following words into a search string: "Internet Yandex". On the highlighted page find the name "Internet Yandex — Measurement of Connection Speed" and follow this link, as a result on the monitor screen your IP address automatically will appear. Everything is very simple.

5. But there is on the Internet one more unique resource which and is called "your IP", having passed to which you will be able not only to learn the IP, but also this address of other node interesting you. Here link to this website:

6. Thus, if highlighted when using of the above-stated IP address resources looks, for example, so:, know that it is the address of your node on the Internet of static type.

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