Golden rules for communication with children

Golden rules for communication with children

The set of articles about how it is necessary to communicate with children correctly is already written. Among other things, there are also various national methods. Some advice helps and results in the necessary result, and others in general useless. Actually there are only three rules, using which, you will surely adjust relationship with children. Even if you will use only the first rule, then the result will be obvious.

The very first and main rule for adults is a love of children. All councils and recommendations find room in the unique phrase - love children. And what can be here difficult - to love the child? Many parents love the children because of the egoism. They are sure that when their child grows up, will provide them to all. Others love in the kid of. In this case at parents the hope is concealed that the child will go on their feet. Still love because of the laid hopes - the child will manage to reach parents did not manage what. But very few people love the kid just for what he is actually. It is worth loving just sincerely the child, and in reply you receive the same. And what can be better?

The second rule claims that children cannot tell a word it ""is impossible"". It can be used only in certain cases. It is impossible to touch others, to offend others and to destroy what was created by people. In other cases use other phrases. When you forbid something to the kid, he wants to make it subconsciously even more.

Cultivate consciousness in the kid. If you see that the child gathers or does something bad, ask him what it does now. Children can not realize that they do something incorrectly. After you received the answer, ask, and for what purpose it does it. This question will set the child thinking, and it will begin to realize, as the truth does some nonsense. Over time at the kid the consciousness develops and before to make something, he several times will think.

Everything is so simple and difficult at the same time. Anyway, you have to try. If you decided to bring the child, then it is necessary to realize up to the end everything responsibility. The kid demands a lot of time, efforts, energy, and, above all - love and attention.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team