How to increase the speed of loading of movies

How to increase the speed of loading of movies

Many modern film fans neglect purchase of DVD disks and prefer to download the pleasant movies from file hosting services or to use online viewing on the corresponding websites. At the same time users in no small measure depend on the speed of loading of the movie.


1. To affect quality of loading of the movie, it is possible to use several simple, but effective methods. If you found the necessary movie on one of the websites for online viewing, change three key parameters: lower quality of video to the level when the image ceases to hang up and the speed of loading will become acceptable for convenient viewing.

2. Disconnect all programs using your connection to network, including downloading through a torrent and processes of update. Thereby you maximize the speed of the Internet and improve quality of viewing.

3. Contact service of your Internet service provider and change a data plan on the rate allowing to load movies and other files with higher speed.

4. When downloading the movie by means of a download manager change a boot priority. For this purpose increase its indicator, turn off all loadings operating at the moment and close the active web browser. If at you the torrent client is included, also disconnect it even if you load nothing. Return of files influences loading speed not less, than loading.

5. If for downloading of the movie the torrent client is used, pay attention to an access rate indicator to network. For access restriction to network disconnect everything active download managers and directly web browser. Then, using the Explorer bar and a track a torrent client, close all applications which are downloaded at the moment from network of update.

6. Start the Task manager application and select all processes in which name there is a word "update". Complete them, having clicked the Complete Process function. Then return to a torrent client and change return parameter to 1 kb per second. Stop all low-priority loadings, and the speed of downloading of the movie is lifted to noticeable level.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team