How to lay out the picture

How to lay out the picture

Sometimes there is a need to post the interesting picture or the photo in the general access that could look at it as the bigger number of people is possible. Sending by mail such picture to all the friends - process tiresome and long. It is the best of all to seize the opportunities of different photohostings which there is a huge set now. This instruction will help you to place any picture on any of such photohostings.


1. All you need is that other people on the Internet saw your photo - it is to select a good photohosting and to lay out there the picture, and then to place it in the blog, at a forum, on social network or to send the link to it by mail or in the messenger to the necessary addressee.

2. An example of the photohosting which proved among network users - Open this website in the browser.

3. On the homepage check the word file as you are going to upload to the site the photo, but not the link from other website, and then click "Browse" or "Overview".

4. Specify path to the necessary photo or the drawing, then note whether it is necessary to change the image size (resize image) – if yes, that select the size necessary to you from a drop-down list, and then click host it.

5. Wait until the photo is loaded on the server.

6. After that the page will be refreshed, and you will see several links suitable for different placement of the photo in network – for example if you want to publish the picture in a forum, copy completely the code in the line "Thumbnail for forums" and insert into the message at any forum.

7. The link will be displayed in the forum message in the form of the small preview of your photo which will show its original size if to open a photo in the next tab or the next window.

8. If you do not want the preview window, and the photo rather small to appear to be displayed in a forum in a full size, click the line "Direct link to image" and receive the corresponding code.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team