How to learn ip of the interlocutor

How to learn ip of the interlocutor

The problem of definition of the IP address of the interlocutor in Skype application or an Internet pager of ICQ cannot be solved by means of programs, but some ways after all exist. First of all it concerns the built-in OS Windows tools.


1. Open the main system menu of the computer, having clicked "Start-up" for initiation of definition of the IP address of the interlocutor in Skype application and pass into the Execute point. Enter taskmgr value into the line "Open" and authorize execution of the command of start of the Task Scheduler of Windows utility clicking of the OK button.

2. Open the View menu of the top service panel and specify the Select columns command. Select the subparagraph of PID (Process Idetifier) and confirm the choice, having pressed the OK button. Define a line with Skype.exe value and remember the identifier of the found process.

3. Return to the main Start-up system menu and once again cause "Execute" a dialog. Enter cmd value in the Open text box and use the OK button to confirm start of the Command line tool.

4. Enter netstat-0 | grep сохраненный_PID_процесса_Skype.exe value and authorize execution of a given command by clicking of a function key of Enter. Define the IP addresses of all subscribers online and interrupt connection with the subscriber who is subject to definition. Execute repeated connection for full confidence in correctness of a certain IP address of the interlocutor.

5. Open settings of the used firewall and try to send some file to the subscriber whose IP address needs to be defined. Browse the network addresses of the sent packages and find necessary (this way will be effective only on condition of direct sending the file).

6. Load and install the customized application of QIP Unmask intended for simplification and automation of definition of the IP address of the interlocutor in the QIP and QIP Infium applications on the computer. Start installed application and define two IP addresses of the ICQ servers in the log of the lower part of the screen of the monitor of the computer. Transfer to the subscriber any file for installation of direct connection and define the necessary IP address.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team