"How to look who has you in bookmarks of VKontakte"

"How to look who has you in bookmarks of VKontakte"

A huge number of users of a world wide web on the most popular social network in Russia VKontakte are registered today, and every day of such people becomes more and more. And many of those who are already a user of the website quite often ask a question: how to learn, which of friends or acquaintances added them to "Bookmarks"?

It is required to you

  • Internet access


1. Visit the website durov.ru (for this purpose enter in an address bar of the durov.ru browser). On this website in the special fields for an input located at the top of the page enter e-mail and the password which you use for an input on the page VKontakte. Click "Login".

2. Find at the top of the page of the My Page, Education, Messages, News and Bookmarks tab. Go to the last tab, having clicked Bookmarks. Under the inscription Bookmarked members there are those people who were added to "Bookmarks" by you, and is slightly lower, under the heading Who bookmarked me, people who added you to "Bookmarks" are located. To display their complete list, click the inscription Who bookmarked me and if necessary use the arrow located on the right.

3. To learn the link to the page of VKontakte of any person from among those who added you to "Bookmarks" pass to its page on the website "durov.ru", having clicked the image of its account (its avatar) and pay attention to an address bar of the browser. Digits with which the link comes to an end are the identification number of this person and to get on its page of VKontakte, enter in an address bar of vkontakte.ru/id and add after that its identification number. For example, if the identification number of the person – 1, then the link to its page of VKontakte looks so: vkontakte.ru/1.

4. If you wish to leave from the account on the website durov.ru, find the inscription Log out in the upper right corner of the page and click it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team