How to make a tag cloud

How to make a tag cloud

Tag cloud – functional element of design which attracts views of each visitor. Distinguish a static and three-dimensional tag cloud, and for creation of each of them it is necessary to have certain skills.


1. Download a three-dimensional tag cloud (tag cloud) from the official site of Joomla if you work with this system. Download a tag cloud from the website if your website is constructed on a management system Drupal. It is also possible to arrive with a tag cloud for the known CMS, for example, to download the application for ucoz, instant, modx, britax.

2. Configure the module according to own requirements. Specify quantity of displayed

3. Use a program code if you want to insert a static tag cloud, and the ready solution on the official site of CMS is not provided, or work with a samopisny management system.

4. Create the table in the form of compliances "a tag – number" where assign to each tag the digital value. As a result you will have to receive a static tag cloud where more popular requests will be selected against the background of less popular at the expense of the size.

5. Fill out the table of correspondence. It will count number of occurrences of a tag in the table of the blog. Calculate popularity of each tag through determination of its maximum value. This operation does not represent special complexity. After that all tags are divided into certain groups depending on popularity.

6. Assign to educated groups of tags the classes through CSS – the stylesheet. Further CSS classes are preparing in the program for display (the program code of a tag cloud is in additional materials). Bring a tag cloud to the page.

7. Test work of a tag cloud to make sure for lack of "bugs" and "glitches". It is better to make it not on the main website. If alternative resource which is not a pity for spoiling, no then before the tag cloud installation surely create the backup copy of the website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team