How to make certification

How to make certification

Certification implies confirmation of compliance of all quality characteristics of goods on the quality standards. Also there is a certification of different applications which is necessary for installation by means of the Internet when period of validity of the previous certificate expires.


1. Make certification, for example, on the smartphone. If your phone is made on the basis of the Symbian platform, then you can face that you will not be able just to install some downloaded application. In this case on the screen there will be a message of this kind: "Period of validity of your certificate expired". For this purpose it is necessary to execute certification.

2. Turn on the smartphone and come into "Menu". Then pass into the section "Setup". There select an applications manager, and after that switch off verification of certificates. Further try to install the program or the application which requested certification before. If it did not help and the application did not earn, then pass to obtaining the certificate of safety. At the same time it is necessary to leave check disconnected. Otherwise there can be some difficulties.

3. Start the browser installed on your smartphone. For this purpose you can use UCWEB which will be able to allow you to save quietly the necessary certificate in memory of phone. This browser will be suitable for these purposes best of all therefore previously install it on the smartphone or download, and then start the program under the name: s603rdSigner.

4. Visit via the browser the website or start the s603rdSigner program. Further it is necessary to rewrite the IMEI code of your device in the corresponding line. If you do not know these data, then in order that to define them, gather the following combination on your phone: *#06#. Or get the battery, and then find these digits on its label. Pay attention that the code should be from 15 digits. Write it, then enter test digits and click Submit. So you will send a request for receiving certification of the application.

5. Visit the above-stated website approximately again in twelve hours and again execute operation on input of the IMEI code. After clicking of Submit the file for loading should appear, download it to yourself on phone. Start this utility - it will allow you to certify the necessary application.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team