How to make floating ip

How to make floating ip

Internet Protocol Address (for short the IP address) – the personified address of the computer which is connected to the Internet or a local area network. Usually the permanent address, is assigned it by the network administrator. How to make it floating (dynamic)?

It is required to you

  • - browser;
  • - connection to the Internet;
  • - rights of the administrator on the local machine.


1. Contact the provider for receiving dynamic IP addresses. After its assignment at connection of the computer to network it is possible to use the address during one session, before completion of connection.

2. Request the IP address automatically via "Control panel" in the section "Network Connections". Select from the Internet protocol list and click "Properties". Give a mark opposite "Receive the IP address automatically".

3. Use the widespread protocol of configuring network settings of DHCP and make request with the purpose to receive available servers. Specify "" as the IP address of a source. Fill fields of the message with some parameters: unique address of the computer, hardware address and last known IP address. The server will send to you the reply in which will specify the new address and other parameters (for example, the DNS server address). You can select the offered parameters on the discretion.

4. Register on the DNS server to the selected address. It is possible to make it via the configured interface when using of the received options.

5. Visit the website Click the appeared picture, specify the address of mail. At the same time registration for creation of the IP address will be started. Confirmation of creation of the addresses will come to your mail.

6. Download the Updater program for automatic update of the DNS server from the website. After program installation in the Start menu you will see a label "Dynamic DNS". Right-click on it, then "Configure". After updates the program installs the new IP address.

7. Consider that at the dynamic IP address you will not be able to use the computer as the Web server. But you are given an opportunity of free obtaining information from network which is updated in real time and the automatic mode.

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