How to post the button on the website

How to post the button on the website

With abundance of social networks the Internet space becomes more and more interactive and therefore today at the majority of websites there are buttons of the most widespread social networks by means of which visitors of the website can quickly both effectively save the pleasant information and share it with friends. Placement of similar buttons on the website will make your project more visited, popular and modern – what more people will use your buttons, especially your website will become recognizable.


1. It is simple to place with itself buttons of social networks. One of ways to make it is to use the search engine Yandex which gives to webmasters an opportunity to select and configure the button for social network – on hand there are VKontakte, Facebook, Schoolmates, Twitter, MoyMir and others.

2. Visit in Yandex the corresponding page on which you will select buttons which can share with friends. Copy the HTML-code of the button and insert it on the website.

3. If your website is created on the WordPress engine, use or the offered option, or use a special plug-in which installs on the button websites WordPress for social networks. The plug-in can be downloaded in network, and after downloading it needs to be extracted.

4. Open the Share Buttons folder in which files of a plug-in lie, copy the folder entirely and install it on the server of your website in wp-contentplugins directory. Pass into the section of the administrator, open the Plug-ins tab and activate Share Buttons plug-in which appeared in the list. Configure all buttons and click "Is ready".

5. It is very simple to install on the website the button of Twitter – pass to the website and find on it the section of setup and installation of the button of a retweet for the website. Specify any option of arrangement of the button which is pleasant to you and copy the code of the ordinary or compact button for a retweet.

6. To install the Google Buzz button on the website, open the website of this social film and select also the code of the button suitable you to install it on the necessary page of the website. By the same principle buttons for Facebook which can be copied on the page for developers are installed.

7. If the ready icons offered by the websites do not suit you on design or do not approach configuration of your web page, create own icons in the Photoshop and substitute new images in the source code of buttons of social networks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team