How to post the file on the Internet

How to post the file on the Internet

Each Internet user faces rather trivial, but requiring some necessary knowledge task sooner or later: how to post the file On the Internet that other users could "download" it. Let's consider one of ways for the solution of such task: let's lay out the file on the file hosting service.

It is required to you

  • — Internet access
  • — program for archiving (WinRAR)


1. For a start let's prepare the file for sending. Before getting to work, it is necessary to make sure that you installed the program for archiving of folders and files, such as WinRAR. We will consider archiving on the example of this program, however you can use any other, similar to WinRAR in functionality.

2. Open the folder in which there is a necessary file, select it and click with the right mouse button for display of a context menu. Here it is necessary to select the Add to Archive... item, or "Winrar-> to Add to archive...". If it is several files, then it will be required to select them all before adding in archive.

3. In the appeared dialog box think up a name for the file of archive ( is desirable Latin letters, for example), a format of ZIP archive the compression method (is most widespread) and, at last, (the size of final archive and speed of its compression depends on it). Files of uncompressed formats (for example, bmp, wav, doc) it makes sense to squeeze tiff as much as possible. Compressed formats (for example jpg, gif, mpg, mp3) when archiving will not take less place therefore in this case it is better to specify a "high-speed" method of compression, or a method "without compression".

4. After we specified parameters of compression and pressed the OK button, the archiving process will begin. This process will take some time then near your files there will be a new archive with the name specified at the previous stage. We will also post it On the Internet.

5. Further it is necessary to open the browser and to pass to the address It is one of file exchange servers, we use it as an example for the instruction. Having opened the website, you will see a form of adding of the file at once. At first we will press the Browse button, we will find and we will select the archive created by us, then we will confirm the choice with the Open button. To start downloading it is necessary to click "Send".

6. Right after it process of downloading the file to the server will begin. You in real time will be able to monitor progress and speed of downloading, for you approximate time of completion of operation will be calculated.

7. It is ready, the file is posted on the Internet. You will see a personal page with information on your file. In the field "File reference" is contained path on which your archive will be available on the Internet. You can copy and send this link to other Internet users.
Two more important fields are the "Password for downloading" and "Storage life". In the first field you, in case of need, can set the password on downloading of the file to complicate access for strangers to it. The second field serves for change of a storage life of the file (from 1 to 30 days) then the file is removed automatically. After change of the password or term do not forget to click "Update".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team