How to receive the Internet address

How to receive the Internet address

Receive the Internet address as easily how to register e-mail box. The most difficult is to select the interesting name which would be free.


1. Think up the domain of the second level and decide on a top-level domain. The top-level domain is understood as the last part of the address following after a point (for example, "ru", "su", "com", Russian Federation). The domain of the second level - actually, the name of the website - everything that follows after "www." and to a point before a top-level domain. Thus, your address will look as “www.домен-второго-уровня.домен-первого-уровнÿ”.

2. Check availability of the domain of the second level by means of numerous services "WHOIS" on the Internet. In the same place you have an opportunity to look what top-level domains approach more your address. Pick up such couple of domains which is free for registration.

3. Among numerous providers select that which will free of charge register the domain on your name. After that the address which you selected will belong only to you for a certain term. Sometimes providers give this opportunity at once, and sometimes at payment of a hosting for a certain time frame. The hosting is a rent of a memory space on the server which the provider armors under your website. Usually, payment of a hosting makes no more than 500 rub/year.

4. Undergo registration procedure on the website of provider and registration procedure of the domain. Usually providers provide detailed instructions. After the domain is registered – you received the Internet address. You can download the Internet page to the server or use ordinary designers of the websites.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team