How to transfer files quickly

How to transfer files quickly

The fastest way of transfer given from one computer on another is link establishment between two computers directly. But if there is no such connection, you should not despair. Quite recently in the world market of IT technologies the service for direct transfer of files through the Internet appeared.

It is required to you

  • Internet, page of Sendoid service.


1. This service several times accelerates process of downloading files, thus, he allows to send files of any size. Process of file transfer takes place in real time. The transferred file can be downloaded only once, otherwise it is possible to use any file hosting service. But if you are interested in instant transfer of the file, this service will constantly be at you in bookmarks. The principle of work of this service is very simple: we specify the file – there is a loading – give the reference – your recipient downloads to himself to the computer this file – is ready. And all this occurs for short term.

2. Of course, in the Internet, this service not the first and not the last. But it favourably differs from others: there is no advertizing, there is no input of codes which at times reach 15 digits. Even at a small speed of loading of the file, the speed of downloading to the computer strikes with the value – up to 13 Mbps. Also It should be noted about high encryption of connection of work of this service.

3. To transfer the file of any volume through this service, it is necessary to open the browser – to pass to the website of Sendoid service.

4. You will see the homepage of this website. Press the big green button with the inscription Choose files to share - find in the opened window and select the file for downloading.

5. Loading of the file will begin. On the place of that button the inscription Prepping File with the indication of value of loading as a percentage will appear.

6. After preparation of the file on the screen the button with the inscription Share Files will appear – click it – you will see the link for downloading this file by other user – click an icon of a dual clean sheet – your link was copied.

7. Transfer this link to other user who will download the necessary file according to your link. It is possible to make it by e-mail, programs of Internet pagers, etc.

8. In short term after clicking the button of downloading the file the computer, the second user can save this file to the hard drive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team