How to transfer money with webmoney to a purse of "Kiwi"

How to transfer money with webmoney to a purse of "Kiwi"

The number of various payment service providers and Internet currencies unshakably grows. Despite this, it is not always possible to transfer quickly funds from one "Purse" to another. Exchange of WebMoney for currency of Qiwi is usually made in two steps.

It is required to you

  • - Purse of WebMoney;
  • - Qiwi purse;
  • - account of VKontakte.


1. The easiest way is to agree with other person about exchange. Write the message at the corresponding forums. Suggest to transfer to it funds for a purse of WebMoney. In exchange the electronic volute will be sent you to Qiwi purse. In this case it is necessary to check solvency of the second person in advance. Make sure that this person is not a swindler.

2. The second way is to use double operation. Refill balance of the mobile phone which number is tied to Qiwi purse. Use for this purpose standard payment service provider WebMoney. Usually when performing this operation the fee is not charged.

3. Now transfer money from your mobile account to Qiwi purse. Consider that this operation is expedient only if the operator takes rather small transfer commission. Besides, some operators, for example MegaFon, require existence of the virtual card by means of which a transfer of electronic currencies can be made.

4. If you are registered on social network "VKontakte", then use its functions for money transfer. Fill up the account in a system by means of WebMoney. Make sure that the electronic currency is available for your account.

5. Get, so-called, "voices" by means of an electronic volute. Exchange the bought "voices" for currency of Qiwi. In this case execution of one condition is necessary: your account of VKontakte should be tied to the phone number which is used for work with Qiwi purse.

6. Use the exchange offices accepting WebMoney. It should be noted that these resources, as a rule, do not work with large sums. The fact is that the limit for transfer of WM to Qiwi is strongly limited.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team