What is the admin panel

What is the admin panel

The admin panel is called the control panel with the privileges of the administrator. By means of the admin panel the owner of an Internet resource can manage settings of the website, manage the users registered on the website, delete files and carry out any other manipulations unavailable to users.

The admin panel at forums

Internet forums at which users communicate also different files are also controlled by means of the admin panel. At the same time the structure of the control panel can differ depending on presence of access at the administrator to certain functions on the website. The majority of popular forums have a multi-layer system of moderation and service. At the most bottom level there are moderators who have limited access to the admin panel. Most of moderators is allowed to ban and delete the users who violated forum terms of use. Also the moderator has the right by means of the admin panel to create the subjects fixed at the top of messages of a forum. Most often such administrators have privileges only in specific sections of a forum.

On one resource can be several users having access to the panel of administration of the website at any given level.


Moderators are assigned higher administrators who have expanded access to functions of the website. Administrators have the right to assign privileges to some users of the website, to change functionality of pages and structure of all forum. The site administrator has the right to close a forum on service or to delete all messages which are available on the website.

The admin panel on other projects

As well as at forums, on many other websites the administrators also have certain privileges and exercise control of a resource via the admin panel. So, adding of records is carried out to blogs also via the administrator's panel.

The admin panel exists also in different management systems of the websites. Any full-fledged CMS engine (for example, Drupal or Wordpress) has the admin panel via which all functionality of the website is completely configured. The administrator has the right to change design of the website, to install additional modules and expansions to the engine, to manage user groups and visits of the website, to do settings of all Internet resource which affect all users of the website.

As the panel of the administrator is the main control facility the website, gaining access to the admin panel and is the main task of hackers.

Access to any panel can be executed by input of a combination of a user name and the admin password. The majority of admin panels is protected from cracking, and therefore performing not authorized logging into the account of the administrator is calculated as cracking and infliction of harm to a resource.

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