Whether there is a search by the image

Whether there is a search by the image

Internet users got used to find the necessary data via search engines, however not always information looks as a text phrase. Sometimes there is a need to find any picture on open spaces of network.

Why search by the image is necessary

The location of the picture is investigated for several reasons. For example, the photo of the product made with own hands was downloaded earlier, but now the technology is forgotten and it would be desirable to refresh the memory, having read repeatedly a master class. Copywriters and webmasters use this function to check the picture taken from the Internet and edited, on uniqueness, and created independently – on search of the stolen copies. There are special programs and the websites for searching of the locations in network of images, however simpler and are more effective work with popular search engines is.

Search of the picture through Yandex service

For a start it is necessary to open the homepage located at the address: http://www.yandex.ru/. Over a search string there is a number of sections, of which "Pictures" are necessary. When clicking this word link the window where the main place is taken by the large-scale picture opens, and the search string is displaced upward. In its right part there is an icon in the form of the camera magnifying glass which opens a possibility of loading of the image from the computer or introduction of its address if it is saved on an Internet resource.

The left part – search on the computer, when clicking it leaves a window of the searcher through which it is necessary to find the necessary file in one of folders on the hard drive or to simply drag the picture. After loading of the image in several seconds the result appears: the list of the websites using this picture in different permissions on the pages.

The right part – introduction of the URL address of the picture located in third-party photostorage. It is impossible to enter the address of any page with the text, the image needs to be loaded previously on an appropriate resource.

Establishment of location of copies via Google

Search via Google begins on a https page://www.google.ru / in which upper left corner it is necessary to find the word link "Pictures" which will transfer the user to other search string specializing in search of images. Other actions are similar to the previous option: when clicking an icon in the form of the camera there is a small window which first tab sets location of the picture loaded in photostorage, and the second – selected the hard drive of the computer. The page with the corresponding results will become available in several seconds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team