Why to clean cookies

Why to clean cookies

Cookies also known as HTTP cookies, web cookies, or the browser cookies, just small fragments of information sent from the website, and which are stored in the user's browser, so far it is on this website. Every time as the user loads the website, the browser sends cookies to the website server to notify that on last activity there of the user.

Cookies (cookies) were made to increase perception of dynamic information (such, for example, as goods) or to store record about on what pages there was a user months or even years ago in the cart of online store.

Invisible gap in safety


Though cookies also cannot transmit viruses, cannot install on your computer any third-party software, cookies which are responsible for tracking and support of data and access to them is a potential threat of your safety.

Cookies can also store passwords and different data from questionnaires or forms which the user entered, for example, such data as a credit card number or the address earlier.


When the user visits the website with the included cookies function for the first time, cookies is sent to the server from its browser to be stored on this website. Later, when the user returns to the same website, the website recognizes him because it stores cookies about information of the user.

Different types of cookies perform everyone the function in modern network. Perhaps, the most important of them it is cookies which are responsible for authentication. Thanks to them the server or the website learns, the user visited the website or not and what account should get access to the website. Without these cookies the website will not know what information to display to the user.

Purity and anonymity

Some vulnerabilities of such system allow sometimes hackers to take these data and to use them in the mercenary purposes, they just get access to your personal data or to data which you left on the website. Also access to your cookies is daily got by the normal advertizing companies.

If you looked in network at any phone or sneakers, most likely, all further advertizing banners which you will see, will offer you these goods. One more proof that cookies should be cleaned.

Some of them are absolutely harmless, but access to others can seriously do much harm to you. Not clean cookies and leave information on itself on the websites it is like, for example, intentionally to put the credit card on a table in cafe or to write number of the phone on a fence. Any user can both include in networks, and to turn off the cookies support, or just to clean them - in each browser for this purpose there are special options in settings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team