3 recipes of salad with squids and mushrooms

3 recipes of salad with squids and mushrooms

Squids salads turn out very tasty, gentle and rich dishes.

Squids, mushrooms and hard cheese salad

- 500 g of squids;

- 300 g of champignons;

- 100 g of onions;

- 70 g of walnuts;

- 100 g of a hard cheese;

- 1 garlic glove;

- mayonnaise;

- greens;

- salt;

  • Squids it is necessary to clean and wash out. Boil and salt water. Lower squids in water and cook 3 minutes, then squids to get from water and to allow to cool down.
  • We slice onions small cubes, to cut champignons segments. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan, add onions and champignons, to fry everything until ready.
  • To separately crush nuts by means of a mortar or the blender. 
  • Squids to cut thin straws, to wipe cheese on a small grater.
  • Wipe garlic through a press and connect to mayonnaise.
  • We place in a salad bowl squids, the fried mushrooms with onions, cheese, a half of nuts, we dress with mayonnaise with garlic and it is carefully mixed. From above we powder with the remained nuts and greens.

Squids, mushrooms and eggs salad

- 200 g of squids;

- 200 g of champignons; 

- 3 eggs; 

- 100 g of onions;

- 50 ml of vegetable oil;

- 50 g of mayonnaise;

- salt;

- black sprinkling pepper;

  • Squids properly we clean and we cook in the added some salt water 4 minutes. Then we get and we cool. Squids it is necessary to cut small straws.
  • We cut champignons on segments, we place them on a frying pan with the heated oil and we fry until ready. Further mushrooms need to be laid out on a plate.
  • Onions are cut by rings and we fry till golden color.
  • Eggs it is necessary to hard-boil, separate egg whites and yolks. Cut whites thin straws. We wipe yolks through a strainer.
  • We connect squids, mushrooms, onions, egg whites and yolks, we dress with mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste and well we mix.

Squids, mushrooms and Korean carrots salad

- 600 g of squids;

- 150 g of onions;

- 400 g of carrots;

- 300 g of marinated champignons;

- 30 ml of a soy-bean sauce;

- 1 h l of vinegar;

- 1 garlic glove;

- 1 h l of sugar;

- 1 h l of salt;

- 1 h l of seasoning for carrots in Korean;

- 50 ml of vegetable oil;

  • Squids to clean, put in the boiling water and to cook 4 minutes. Then water needs to be drained. Squids to cool and cut thin straws, then we fill with a soy-bean sauce and we leave for 30 minutes.
  • Carrots need to be grated on a special grater for carrots in Korean, then to add seasoning for carrots, salt, sugar and vinegar, properly we mix.
  • Onions need to be chopped half rings and to fry in oil till golden color. Onions need to be taken out from a frying pan, and in a frying pan to add the remained oil to carrots.
  • Wipe garlic through a press and add to carrots. Allow to infuse carrots half an hour.
  • Divide champignons into quarters.
  • Connect in a salad bowl squids, carrots, champignons. To mix and allow to become impregnated carefully to salad 2 hours in the fridge.

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