Advantage of kvass

Advantage of kvass

Kvass - cool and invigorating, what is necessary during a hot heat. This drink is drunk already for several thousand years and Slavs began to do the first it. Types of kvass set: strawberry, crimson, beet, apple, pear and, even, with spicery. We, learn in more detail about advantage, habitual to us, grain kvass.


1. Kvass ideal summer drink. It well satisfies thirst, adds forces, after a wearisome heat and fills an organism with useful substances. Kvass contains vitamins of group B, C, PP and E, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and various amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates and organic acids.

2. Good property is also that kvass stimulates work of digestive tract, improves a metabolism, and influences a stomach, like kefir, supporting healthy microflora. It helps to get rid of weight in a stomach, after overeating and has light laxative effect.

3. It is noticed that at frequent, but not excessive, consumption of kvass tooth enamel becomes stronger, hair drop out less, the fragility of nails disappears. And, thanks to contents in kvass of yeast, eels and gnoynichka on skin disappear. To improvement of a condition of hair and skin kvass is applied outwardly, rinsing hair and doing lotions on the person.

4. Kvass drink during pregnancy will, also, bring a lot of benefit to you and your kid if there are no contraindications. It promotes increase in immunity and completion of vitamins. Of course, you shouldn't be fond strongly of this drink because of risk to gather extra kilos. 21 kcal are the share of 100 ml of drink.

5. Even useful has contraindications. So, for example, kvass isn't recommended to be drunk to the people with an urolithic disease raised by arterial blood pressure, diseases of kidneys, violations of digestive tract (colitis, the raised meteorizm, diarrhea) and also, to people with gastritis and stomach ulcer. Pregnant women shouldn't take drink at threat of termination of pregnancy and the raised uterus tone.

6. Unfortunately, store drinks with the Kvass label are far from the real drink on the structure and origin. They contain a lot of chemistry and preservatives therefore such product won't bring benefit to an organism. It is better if you aren't too lazy and you will make soft drink independently in house conditions. Especially, floating around the Internet there are a lot of various recipes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team