The raised bilirubin at newborns: reasons and treatment

The raised bilirubin at newborns: reasons and treatment

After the birth the organism of the kid has a stress, and all its bodies try to adapt to new conditions. Appearance of jaundice in newborns during this period demonstrates destruction of hemoglobin of a fruit which differs in structure from hemoglobin of newborns.

Why it occurs

Destruction of hemoglobin of a fruit is followed by increase in level of bilirubin in blood which gives to a body of the kid an olive shade. This process is called physiological jaundice, appears for 3-4 day of life and takes place independently by 3rd week. This type of jaundice does not do harm to the kid, but if the state remains longer term, there is an occasion to see a doctor.

In other cases the pathological jaundice which is provoked by external adverse factors can appear the reason of the raised bilirubin in blood: the heavy course of pregnancy, a disease of mom during incubation of the child. Diabetes of mother can be one of the main reasons for pathological jaundice. In other cases it develops after a pre-natal hypoxia of a fruit or its asphyxia during childbirth.

These states are capable to lead to damage of a liver of the baby, development in the future of hormonal violations and also to cause hepatic dysfunction. The reasons of the raised bilirubin in blood of the baby can be very much, only the pediatrician after difficult blood tests on bilirubin and its fractions is capable to make the correct diagnosis. Also various inspections of the kid are appointed. Only after their carrying out the doctor can make the diagnosis and to appoint treatment.

In what danger of the raised bilirubin

Long jaundice and the increased content of bilirubin are dangerous by the toxic impacts on the vital centers of the child, including, on his brain. At extraordinary increase in level of bilirubin on second day after the birth the bilirubinovy encephalopathy can already develop. Externally it is shown by constant drowsiness, decrease or lack of sosatelny reflexes at the kid, considerably arterial blood pressure sometimes can decrease, appear a convulsive syndrome. At a palpation of a stomach of the child the doctor is capable to define significant increase in a spleen and liver. If this state not to treat, to half a year the kid will begin to lag behind in intellectual and physical development, at it hearing, sight can be broken, development of paralyzes and paresis is in the future possible. Therefore it is important to begin therapy in time, and further it is necessary to be observed surely at the doctor-neuropathologist.

As treat the raised bilirubin at newborns

At in due time begun treatment it is possible to use the simplest and effective method – the phototherapy differently called phototherapy. Under the influence of special lamps, toxic indirect bilirubin collapses quickly and removed from an organism with a stake and urine. The kid is stacked under lamps of an ultra-violet range stark naked, closed leave only genitals. On eyes the special bandage puts on, duration of radiation is appointed by the doctor. After the procedures the peeling of skin and emergence of a loose frequent stool is possible. To help the kid to be restored after the postponed pathological jaundice, it is necessary to put to a thicket him to a breast, it is necessary to awake specially the child when feeding time approaches. Food breast milk facilitates removal of bilirubin from an organism and promotes clarification of a blood system and kidneys.

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