How to use onions peel as fertilizer

How to use onions peel as fertilizer

The onions can be used with success not only "from seven illness", characteristic of the person. It is the most valuable fertilizer for room and garden cultures. The peel from 2–3 bulbs is quite enough to fill in it with liter of water and to boil several minutes. In 2–3 hours, infusion for watering of window plants will be ready. For garden of this "waste" product it is required more, but and onions are used in kitchen almost every day.

Ancient doctors did not know the richest structure of onions, but instinctively used it at treatment of many illnesses more than 4 thousand years ago. Potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, fluorine, iodine, organic acids, nitrogenous substances, vitamins, pectins, saponins, flavonoids are not all valuable components of useful vegetable which can render kind service not only to human body, but also influence growth and development of room and garden vegetable cultures.

Beneficial influence of onions on garden and garden cultures

It is thought that most of hostesses simply do not know about the value of onions peel if they dare so prodigally, to send after cleaning of vegetable it to garbage can. The element the quercetin relating to group of flavonoids of plant origin with which the onions are so rich, is concentrated in onions peel. Especially there is a lot of quercetin in red grades of onions.

As it is proved that quercetin has antioxidant, immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, antiallergic, onko- and cardiotyre-tread properties, it is capable to strengthen also the root system of plants, providing them sufficient nutrition. The onions peel as "waste" product after preparation of vegetable for culinary processing considerably improves structure of the soil and frightens off wreckers. The onions peel, as well as bulb, contains the substances destroying pathogenic microorganisms. The onions peel "will recover" the plants which have begun to turn yellow and wither, will make the stimulating impact on their growth and further development, will increase the resilience to the harmful microorganisms which are in the soil and on its surface.

How to prepare fertilizer from onions peel

It is possible to prepare fertilizer from onions peel in several ways: boiling, insisting in water of room temperature and using normal dry peel directly in soil. One handful on water liter suffices to water houseplants with onions infusion. If to subject peel to boiling within 5–10 minutes, then for insisting it will be required hour 2–3. When the peel infuses at the room temperature, process will take 1–2 days. It is not recommended to prepare the large volume of infusion as it needs to be used in day of preparation. And here to save up the necessary quantity during the winter for the forthcoming summer season it is quite real. It is important to provide to peel dry storing place. The dry onions peel can be added in the spring to soil under redigging, to use as radical mulch or to throw on handful into each hole before planting of plants. Any garden plants will be glad to such additive. It is more convenient to apply, of course, it in the crushed look, mixing with ashes. Such structure will be good as for power supply of the soil, and dusting of leaves from wreckers. For watering of vegetable cultures 1 glass of onions peel undertakes on water bucket (10-12 l). It is necessary to bring to boiling and to leave to infuse for 3 hours. It is useful to spray with the cooled-down infusion leaves and to water plants at the roots. However, for spraying infusion gets divorced twice. Such means is effective in fight against web tick, plant louse. To get rid of cruciferous flea beetle, infusion is not diluted. At the roots it is better to carry out watering of the grown-up vegetable cultures weekly. In order to avoid disease "black leg" the soil before crops pours down infusion from onions peel, and it is necessary to spill seedling then planted 3 times in week. The peel which has remained from infusion can also be distributed on holes or to throw into compost heap.

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