Amino acids: what is for what are necessary in sport how to accept

Amino acids: what is for what are necessary in sport how to accept

Nearly ten of amino acids which are construction material for muscles officially are called irreplaceable. Actually, anything else for people in general and for athletes in particular it is not necessary to say about importance of these proteinaceous elements: what can be more important than what it is impossible to replace with anything! How it is correct to take the amino-acid drugs to athletes, and it will be told in article.

What is amino acids and for what they are necessary in sport

The protein which is a part of foodstuff at hit in a digestive tract is split by the enzymes which are there and will be transformed to amino acids which get into blood and become the feeding elements for muscles and fabrics of all organism. From 23 existing amino acids 9 are irreplaceable as are not developed by an organism, and the others are synthesized in it from other amino acids.

As a result it turns out, as irreplaceable, and replaceable are in fact unique elements without which an organism to live and cannot develop. They perform such major physiological functions:

  • increase muscle bulk;
  • feed it;
  • synthesize energy in an organism;
  • raise power indicators;
  • promote combustion of fat;
  • participate in process of brain activity.

Whether you know? For half a year in a human body all former proteins on new, that is later half a year of people any more not the fact that was before are completely replaced.

From this becomes clear for what the amino-acid drugs are taken. For people, the playing sports, especially the topical issues connected with strengthening of muscles, accumulation of muscle bulk and its maintenance in an optimum state. That is why special nutritional supplements which consist of amino acids, quicker and in bigger quantity acquired the athlete's organism, than those which come to this organism from usual food are developed for them. Thanks to these additives which do not have restrictions in application, athletes are quicker restored after the wearisome competitions, increase muscles more actively and fruitfully feed it. Besides, at trainings it is useful for women to accept amino-acid additives as they promote burning of excessive fat savings in an organism.

Read in more detail about advantage and value for a human body of such amino acids: leucine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, lysine, valine, methionine, threonine, arginine, tryptophane.

As it is correct to accept

There are certain rules regulating intake of these additives:

  1. They should be used before a training or directly after it and when it is absent, in the morning. In the rest of the time of day it is the best of all to use the foodstuff supporting squirrels.
  2. The minimum dose of medicine, irrespective of its look, should not be less than 5 g.
  3. The optimum amount of the additives accepted at one time lies in limits between 10 and 20 g.
  4. From in what look (powder, tablets, capsules or in the liquid state) amino acids are accepted, the efficiency of their action does not change. However the price of medicine and convenience of its use depends on it.

Important! Optimum time for intake of amino-acid additives is the period right after the training as the accelerated current of blood which is observed at the same time stimulates digestion of medicine.

In powder

Though additives in the form of powder often have bitter taste, nevertheless they have the advantages in front of, for example, capsules thanks to lower price and faster comprehensibility in a digestive tract. If desired additives in powder can be dissolved in water, milk, juice and in any other drink in which they are perfectly dissolved. And it is possible just to wash down powder with a water drink.

In capsules

The medicines placed in capsules are convenient in application, though more expensive, than in powder or tablets. Besides, they are longer acquired in a digestive tract as the cover which is made by the capsule has to be dissolved before, and only after it medicine begins to interact with gastric enzymes directly.

As for a dose, to the athlete whose weight is from 70 to 80 kg, before a half-hour training and after it about 5 g of medicine are recommended to accept. At longer sports occupations it is possible to accept directly in the middle of them 5 more g of amino acids. And each 3 kg of weight exceeding 80 kg of weight of the athlete demand 1 additional gram of medicine.

Whether you know? The largest protein in a human body is aunt's, consisting of nearly 40 thousand amino acids.

In tablets

Amino acids in this look hold intermediate price position between powders and capsules. And the single dose of reception of tablets depends on their structure and the athlete's weight. An ideal ratio the single dose of a leucine, valine and an isoleucine for the athlete weighing 50 kg in number of respectively 1800, 900 and 900 mg is considered.

Liquid amino acids

This form of amino-acid additives is the most bystrousvoyaemy. Thanks to ability to come almost instantly into contact with gastric enzymes, liquid medicines as well as possible are suitable for reception directly during the trainings. Carry quite high price in comparison with other types of similar medicines to their shortcomings and also the inconveniences connected with need to carry with itself quite bulky container with medicine.

These inconveniences with interest pay off that circumstance that liquid amino acids are made on the basis of the hydrolyzed protein, that is represent the semi-digested protein which straight is transported in blood.

Important! At acquisition of amino acids in the liquid state it is necessary to pay attention to that they did not contain preservatives or any sweeteners.

Amino acids and BCAA: in what a difference

VSAA practically differ in nothing from amino acids as represent a combination from three irreplaceable amino acids. Enter the VSAA complex:

  • leucine;
  • isoleucine;
  • valine.

These elements make 35% of all similar elements which are in muscles of a human body. They are simply necessary for athletes for prevention of catabolic processes, but also are useful also to other people to post-traumatic restoration, to elimination of consequences after different inflammatory processes and the postponed flu and also to decrease in volume of fatty tissue in an organism. VSAA are not limited in reception as have no side effects and do not cause accustoming.

Video: For what BCAA amino acids are necessary as to accept them? The replaceable amino acids produced by an organism and and not developed irreplaceable are extremely demanded by athletes as the condition of the muscular system playing paramount value in overwhelming number of competitions directly depends on them.

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