As in house conditions to make wine of cherry

As in house conditions to make wine of cherry

The wine made in house conditions, more preferable drink, than factory product with unknown ingredients and preservatives. Wine can be made of fruits of cherry independently – the main thing, accurately to observe a preparation algorithm.

It is required to you

  • Recipe of wine from cherry No. 1:
  • 1 ten-liter bucket of cherry;
  • 2 kilograms of sugar;
  • 2 liters of water;
  • 0.5 liters of alcohol;
  • pack of wine yeast.
  • Recipe of wine from cherry No. 2:
  • 3 kilograms of sugar;
  • 10 l of cherry;
  • 10 l of water.
  • Recipe of wine from cherry No. 3:
  • 4 pure liters;
  • 3 kilograms of cherries;
  • one and a half kilograms of sugar;
  • 2 lemons.


1. The quality of modern store wines not always meets expectations though outlets offer a good selection and allow to find wine for every taste and the budget. Cherry as ingredient for domestic wine is chosen not accidentally. Grapes on the most part of our country can't ripen completely because of improper climate. Cherry has universal distribution and it is considered after grapes the best option for private winemaking. Cherry wine differs in an excellent bouquet, an astringent flavor and delightful aroma. By house production cherry wine is easily fermented and clarified. As a rule, for it use grades of ordinary and sour cherry. Many wine makers prefer to take small, steppe cherry or sweet-sour fruits, they are the simplest in processing and will approach any recipe. Best of all for cherry wine to use completely ripened fruits of cherry of dark coloring. It should be taken into account that with very sweet or overripe cherry wine can become not fragrant and tasteless. Also it isn't desirable to do wine of strongly immature fruits – it will be noticeable were turned sour.

2. The recipe of wine from cherry No. 1chtoby independently to make cherry wine in house conditions, it is necessary to follow an algorithm strictly. Sustain collected ripe fruits in the fridge within 3 days. Then get cherry, wet it in water, remove stones and fill in a pressing from berries with water for day. It is necessary that dense berries became impregnated with water and gave a mash after a pressing. If you want that at wine there was a light taste of a bitter almond, leave several cherry pits, they will make taste of drink juicier. After a mash otzhatiya if you wish, it is possible to add to wine fruits of other berries – for example, plum, raspberry or blackcurrant. After an otzhimka add wine yeast to wine and leave the turned-out structure for 10 days for fermentation. After time remove a deposit, add sugar, alcohol and mature wine of 10 more days. After that filter wine several times and pour a container on bottles, hermetically a zakuporta. Because fruits of cherry contain not enough sugar and a lot of acid, it is necessary to add bigger amount of sugar and water to its svezheotzhaty juice. In this case domestic wine will turn out fortified and more sweet.

3. The recipe of wine from cherry No. 2dlya of receiving wine from cherry according to this recipe is required one volume vessel of type of a barrel or a bucket for fermentation of drink and several 3-liter jars for the subsequent storage of ready wine. The vessel for fermentation of cherry wine should be chosen as big as weight in the course of maturing will strongly foam and rise to edges of capacity. It is necessary that the mash in ware occupied no more than 70% of total amount. Ware for fermentation surely has to have a cover that there was an opportunity to block oxygen access, and a wide throat for convenience of stirring of a mash. Tanks for winemaking can be from glass, food plastic, stainless steel or enameled. The oak cask will be the ideal decision, but not easy to adapt to it to beginners therefore if you prepare the first time, it is worth taking other ware. Walls of tanks shouldn't be transparent as wine doesn't transfer sunshine. Therefore even from dark glass it is better to wrap up glass vessels in dense material, for example felt fabric. Besides it will allow to protect cherry wine from temperature differences. Prepare cherry fruits: take out stones, mash berries. Fill in the received weight with purified water, wring out. Move the received liquid to a big vessel, having put on from above a neck a latex glove. Several days later fermentation process which will last about 1 month will begin. For this period put capacity with a mash to the warm and dark place. When the glove is blown off (air will come out it), and weight will cease to bubble, open capacity and taste the turned-out drink. If wine moderately sour and sweet – means, it is ready. If you plan to store this domestic wine from cherry throughout all winter, add to it 500 ml of vodka or 40% of alcohol. Drink fortress, of course, will increase, but so you with guarantee will avoid souring.

4. The recipe of wine from cherry No. 3 This recipe of a table wine from cherry is considered very simple and is ideal for beginners in winemaking. However the made drink doesn't concede on the gustatory qualities to more difficult options at all. The bouquet of this cherry wine will be fine and saturated that will please not only the creator. Prepare cherry fruits: wash out berries, having removed sticks and other garbage, take out from stone cherries, trying to minimize juice losses. Boil water, fill in with boiled water the prepared berries in a huge large bottle for fermentation. Tie up a capacity neck a gauze and you keep a mash in the dark and warm room several days until fermentation. When weight begins to hiss, foam, rise, filter a thick by means of a gauze or a sieve to filter the remains of berries. Squeeze out juice from two lemons of the average size, you watch that stones didn't get. Add juice to wine together with sugar. Mix drink that all components were completely dissolved in it. Shift finished wort in a vessel for fermentation, close a neck from above a rubber glove with a small opening on a finger. Put cherry tincture in the dark placement on 2-3 weeks, temperature of maturing has to be about 20 degrees. Daily mix a thick that in it sour acetic zones weren't formed. When the glove is blown off, in a bottle the deposit will be postponed, and cherry wine will get a light shade. At this moment once again filter home-made drink through a small sieve or several layers of a gauze and finally pour wine on bottles, having densely closed them traffic jams. This cherry wine turns out low alcohol, and it is possible to store it not longer than year in the cool place and without light access, for example, in a cellar.

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