Avocado – tasty many illnesses medicine

Avocado – tasty many illnesses medicine

Avocado - a surprising fruit. Treats fruit, grows on a tree, and on structure reminds vegetable more. Mendeleyev's table is almost completely presented to avocado: iron, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, copper, magnesium, iodine, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, cobalt, manganese, pine forest. Besides, avocado contains a set of vitamins: And, B, C, E, K, SS. It is natural what with such set of avocado has a set of useful properties.

Avocado: useful properties

Eating avocado, we insure ourselves from developing of a heart attack, atherosclerosis, a hypertension, an anemia. It will save and from a chronic lock, will help at a cataract, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases. This fruit at increase in physical activity is very useful when the organism is weakened (after operations, infectious diseases). At consumption of avocado the condition of nervous system improves, fatigue, irritability is taken off, the working capacity and concentration increases.

Surprising impact of avocado on skin is noticed: smoothing of wrinkles, help in fight against acne rash, psoriasis, eczema. Avocado has antioxidant effect which promotes rejuvenation of an organism.

Application of avocado in cosmetology

This surprising fruit has useful properties which are appreciated not only in medicine and cookery, but also in cosmetology. From pulp remarkable face packs which perfectly calm turn out, humidify, nourish and heal skin.

It is often possible to find recipes with avocado for the person. At dry skin a half of pulp of a fruit can be mixed with a small amount of olive oil. Evenly to distribute ready gruel on a face, and in 15 minutes to wash away. If oily skin, 1 dessertspoon of puree from avocado, egg white and 1 dessertspoon of juice of a lemon properly to mix and put on a face. Wash away in 15 minutes cool water.

Use of avocado for hair isn't less popular. Best of all this exotic fruit helps with quality of the restoring means. Pulp of avocado can be applied on hair in pure form or with addition of olive oil.

Avocado which advantage doesn't raise doubts surely has to be used periodically both in cookery, and in cosmetology.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team