Carrot diet

Carrot diet

We lose weight in three days!

It is required to you

  • carrots, apple, lemon juice, vegetable oil, sour cream, kefir, honey, carrot juice, green tea


1. From carrots we prepare salad. We grate carrots and apple and we mix with vegetable oil, adding lemon or juice of any citrus. It is possible to make replacement of these kernelsgrenade fruit also.

2. In day it is necessary to make four intake of salad. It is possible to add a honey tablespoon for all four portions. As carrots are rough food, carefully we chew it. In the evening salad can be replaced with carrot juice. It is during the day better to use a green tea or water.

3. For the fourth day we add boiled or baked potatoes and a little meat to carrots. And then we come back to a usual food allowance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team