Chicory with milk: advantage or harm

Chicory with milk: advantage or harm

Many coffee-achievers absolutely fairly give recently preference to chicory with milk. This invigorating drink is an excellent alternative to traditional coffee, but, according to experts, a side between its advantage and harm very thin. What abuse of tasty cocktail in what doses and who can drink it, and it is better for whom to refrain — answers you will find further in article can turn back.

Caloric content

Despite of the fact that the perennial plant of chicory is considered a widespread weed its roots are very much appreciated in cookery. A large amount of the containing inulin is the reason for that that in peak of a season increases up to 75% of the general structure of a grass. For this reason the dried and fried raw materials are used as coffee substitute and the additive to natural coffee enhancing taste.

According to experts, value to tsikoriyevy powder is given by the following nutrients:

  • inulin polysaccharide;
  • albumens;
  • glycoside of an intibin (provides specific bitterish taste);
  • tannins;
  • organic acids;
  • vitamins (ascorbic acid, Riboflavinum, thiamine, carotene);
  • fat oils;
  • potassium salts.

Whether you know? About 3% of inveterate coffee-achievers prefer Arabica coffee which has pleasant soft taste, and 30% drink Robusta at which taste tasting bitter, and it is more caffeine in a half.

Also to advantages of vegetable raw materials it is possible to set off its low caloric content. The hundred-gram portion of insoluble powder contains only 19 kilocalories. However, it is dependent on the added ingredients, this indicator strongly changes what the table below confirms.

Caloric content and nutritional value of drink chicory with milk

The added ingredient






Caloric content


100 ml






Soluble powder of chicory

5 g






Milk (fat content of 3.2%)

50 ml













1 portion







100 g







Advantage and harm

Fragrant drink from milk and soluble chicory is characterized not only excellent taste, and and a set of useful qualities. However, if it is wrong to connect the used ingredients and to take cocktail on a hungry stomach, it can strongly not be become stronger.

Whether you know? More than all coffee use in Finland where daily it is the share of one adult inhabitant on average in 5 cups of fragrant drink.

These positive and negative processes are caused by reaction of the components of components entering interrelation and also influence of the formed connections on a human body. Let's understand how to prepare drink and what from it it is more: advantage or harm.

Than it is useful

Thanks to the unique chemical composition the perennial of chicory is widely used in the medical purposes. The grass is not medicinal, but is applied by traditional medicine for:

  • improvements of work of digestive tract (especially at dyspepsia, gastritises, pancreatitis, food frustration);
  • stimulations of good appetite;
  • normalization of level of sugar in blood (except tsikoriyevy drink, also salads from young foliage of a plant are recommended to diabetics);
  • treatments of hepatic diseases (grass broths and tinctures are shown at increase in a liver and also as prevention of cirrhosis);
  • general strengthening of an organism;
  • removals of a toothache;
  • calms of nervous system and relaxation (stress relief, raising of mood and vitality);
  • improvements of work of kidneys and adrenal glands;
  • cleanings of an organism of toxins, heavy metals and cholesterol;
  • normalization of work of sweat glands;
  • establishing exchange processes in an organism;
  • treatments of iron deficiency anemia;
  • increases in production of bile;
  • strengthenings of vessels;
  • rejuvenation of a body;
  • weight loss.

Important! The chicory dissolved in warm water can be applied to rinsing of hair. Means carefully looks after curls and improves their structure.

What harm

Useful properties of chicory are indisputable, but each organism in own way can react to the invigorating milk drink, and if rules of its preparation are violated. Physicians strongly recommend to drink similar cocktail after a meal, and during its cooking to add milk to powder, but not on the contrary. Otherwise unpleasant consequences in a look are possible:

  • allergic reactions (the ban on reception of such drink is especially relevant for future and feeding mothers);
  • indigestions (to avoid it, tsikoriyevo-milk drink needs to be entered into the diet in gradually small portions);
  • the zhelezodefitsit that is connected with properties of milk to complicate comprehensibility of iron (it is possible to solve a problem by transition to a vegetable or dry product);
  • progressing of ulcers of a duodenum and stomach (usually similar consequences happen at consumption of drink during exacerbation of a disease);
  • deteriorations in breath, suffocation (therefore it is not allowed to indulge himself similar delicacy at asthma, bronchitis or chronic cough);
  • internal hemorrhages (they occur if to drink chicory with milk at a varicosity and other diseases of a blood system).

Important! It is necessary to prepare chicory roots in the fall. It is desirable to plan collecting raw materials after a heavy rain that will facilitate its extraction from the softened soil. For this purpose it is necessary to dig round a plant then to pull out for a top. If the earth is dry, instead of a long underground part you will get only its scanty fragment.

Whether it is possible to drink chicory with milk

In comparison with natural coffee beans, tsikoriyevy powder renders less harm to a human body, but also grass raw materials can improve his health not in all cases. Who can drink this drink and in what doses, we will consider further.

To pregnant women

When planning pregnancy and also during pre-natal development of a fruit it is strictly forbidden to use chicory with milk. The fact is that drink can provoke allergic reactions in an organism of future mother that will extremely negatively affect health of the expected kid.

To the feeding mothers

To minimize, and it is better to refuse similar delicacy at all experts advise women in the period of a lactation. The ban on use of tsikoriyevy soluble powder is caused by its containing triterpena and alkaloids. To the adult these nutrients can not do much harm, and here for the forming children's organism will serve as the dangerous substances provoking development of intestinal frustration, an indigestion and allergy.

Whether you know? Tradition claims, the Apostle Pyotr used chicory as a hvorostina for the sheep. Since then the plant also received the name Petrov Batog. Other legend says that the Saint drove twigs of insects wreckers from grain ears then threw them on the roadside at the field. Chicory also grew from these twigs. Because as if also it grows near roads since then.

At weight loss

Chicory with milk is obligatory for those who seek for weight loss, drink is characterized by the low caloric content and rich vitamin structure. Besides, the main active agents which are present at perennial roots ― triterpena ― undertake function of catalysts. Thanks to it in an organism the metabolism gets better, metabolism improves that inevitably leads to natural burning of calories and splitting of fat deposits. Pectins which for the long period provide the person with sense of fulness supplement this effect.

At diabetes

Similar milkshake is extremely necessary for diabetics who need constant control of level of glucose in blood. At the expense of the contained inulin in an organism there is a decrease in controlled indicators and cleaning of vessels of unnecessary congestions. However it is necessary to take drink without sugar.

Learn than whether soluble powdery chicory is useful and harmful.

At gastritis, pancreatitis

Tsikoriyevo-milkshake is shown to the use of this category of people only when the disease stays in a remission stage. Categorically drink is undesirable in cases of sharp and chronic forms and also at aggravations. The ban is proved by bile-expelling properties of vegetable raw materials that will worsen a condition of the patient. With the diagnosis pancreatitis or gastritis it is recommended to patients to enter gradually delicacy into a diet, since the minimum doses. At the same time it is necessary to watch the health.

Important! At emergence of discomfort after intake of tsikoriyevo-milk drink the experts advise to replace genuine milk with vegetable analogs.

Recipes for drink

Having learned whether powder of soluble chicory is useful and also about subtleties of its reception with milk, we will understand the equipment and ways of the correct preparation of drink. For improvement of a blood count and prevention of anemia the national Aesculapians advise to dissolve a chicory dessertspoon in a glass of warm milk. All ingredients properly mix and drink after a meal. In the medical purposes this drink is taken three times a day for 8–9 weeks. If you seek to achieve the all-strengthening effect, boil 200 ml of cow's milk then fill in with it a quarter of a teaspoon of tsikoriyevy powder and mix before full dissolution. If desired you can sweeten drink 2 with teaspoons of liquid honey. But it is necessary to add a product when your cocktail cools down, high temperatures harmful affect its structure. And in cases when you just want to satisfy with something tasty the gastronomic requirements, fill in 2 teaspoons of vegetable raw materials of 150 ml of boiled water, properly stir and dilute with boiled milk.

Read also about that than it is useful coffee and tea with milk.

That drink had more pleasant taste and aroma, powder it from above with the ground cinnamon. As you can see, preparation of tsikoriyevy drink does not demand complex ingredients, and, at observance of technological rules, will improve your health. We hope, our article helped to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team