Cinnamon: than it is useful from what helps where add and as use

Cinnamon: than it is useful from what helps where add and as use

Cinnamon is considered spice spicy, fragrant and known around the world which has a large number of advantages and some insignificant contraindications.

What advantage is born in itself by east specific product from what helps and in what recipes it is used, to you will tell this material.

Than cinnamon is useful to an organism

Originally cinnamon is the evergreen tree belonging to Lavrov' family which is cultivated generally in tropical regions. Such minerals as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and iron and also vitamins A, C, B6, B12, D are a part of a plant.

Caloric content of 5 g of the processed product is about 20 calories. Power value: proteins — 4 g, fats — 2 g, carbohydrates — 57 g.

Whether you know? Cinnamon is one of the most ancient spices about which learned mankind. It is mentioned in the Old Testament, in a part where Moisey had to use cinnamon spice in sacred oil for an unction.

To receive all the known spicy product and to release it in free sale, from the grown-up two-year cinnamon tree cut off a thin layer of bark and well dry therefore thin brown fragrant sticks which advantage is proved in various spheres of protection of human health for a long time turn out:

  • at diabetes. The product promotes considerable decrease in sugar in blood;
  • at diseases of digestion and intestines. Heals ulcers, lowers acidity in a stomach, reduces pain, eliminates manifestations of a meteorizm;
  • at pregnancy. Cinnamon serves as the soft poslablyayushchy and diuretic means saving from hypostases and also as powerful antiseptics and an immunity stimulator;

Important! Before inclusion of spice in a diet of future mother the consultation of the observing doctor who will define the necessary dosage of spice in order to avoid an adverse effect on the course of pregnancy is necessary.

  • cinnamon spice has the strong antiseptic, toning and stimulating properties which protect an organism from harmful viruses and bacteria;
  • in complex therapy the liver, a gall bladder and kidneys treats;
  • it is capable to save from fungal defeats on mucous membranes of airways;
  • considerably reduces risk of heart troubles due to decrease in cholesterol;
  • at Parkinson's disease spice normalizes the level of neurotransmitters and improves motive functions;
  • shows toxic impact on malignancies, reduces growth of cancer cells;
  • relieves pain at arthritis and osteoporosis;
  • promotes decrease in excess weight;
  • after three years east spice is also useful to children, it improves work of a brain, increases the general immunity, a tone, positively influences organs of vision.

Besides the listed advantages, it should be noted separate advantage of cinnamon for men. According to medical researches, the well-known east seasoning is capable to adjust erectile dysfunction, to influence positively treatment of impotence and also to serve as prevention in a prostatitis question.

To women this product helps to facilitate the expressed premenstrual syndrome.

Using seasonings every day, we can even not suspect as usual parsley, horse-radish, garlic, onions, a wormwood, a hyssop, ginger, mustard, apple cider vinegar can help to adjust health.

How to choose upon purchase

Before getting cinnamon, it is necessary to define its authenticity, everything it is possible not only to forge the known fragrant product, but also to replace with goods, other, less rich on structure. Very often for necessary spice give a cassia (Indonesian cinnamon) which is made of bark absolutely of other high-quality tree and has absolutely other qualities which are negatively reflected in a human body.

The real cinnamon spice can be distinguished without problems from a fake by such criteria:

  • original cinnamon sticks will be always more expensive at cost, on packing often there is a mark of Cinnamomum zeylonicum while on packing with a cassia the mark says Cinnamomum aromaticum;
  • it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturing country: better goods are usually delivered from Ceylon, but not from China or Indonesia;
  • do not choose east spice in the processed look. It is very easy to forge powder mix;
  • the aroma of the real spice soft, sweetish and warm, a cassia will smell more weakly, more roughly and more lusciously;
  • color of a true product, as a rule, uniform and light brown, a shade of a cassia differs inside and outside and varies from burgundy-brown till grayish-brown color.

After purchase it is easy to verify authenticity of cinnamon spice in house conditions, for this purpose it is necessary to drip on a stick or powder a little iodine. The cassia at such check will become saturated-blue, and the real cinnamon will only a little turn blue.

As well as where to store in house conditions

For the correct storage the cinnamon sticks or powder need to be placed in an impenetrable container which is located to the dark place with an optimum temperature up to 20 degrees. The humidity of air should not exceed 70%.

At optimal storage conditions east sticks can freely be stored about a year, powder — no more than half a year.

It is interesting to learn what benefit nuts, oranges, corn, grapes, pomegranate, watermelon, a melon, cucumbers, tangerines, spinach can bring.

Where it is possible to add and what it is combined with

Cinnamon is almost universal spice which has very wide range of application and is used in cookery, in the medical purposes, cosmetology and perfumery. In everyday life we cannot present without this spice rich rolls, mulled wine, cakes, a cappuccino, apple pies, cakes and baked apples any more.

Besides sweets, cinnamon perfectly complements also other acquaintances with all dishes:

  • improves and improves taste of spicy fat pork;
  • supplements any creamy sauce to fish;
  • supplements and decorates vegetarian pies and other snack.

But, despite good compatibility of cinnamon with various porridges, pancakes with jam and some drinks, it does not approach such dishes as pelmeni, borsches, cabbage dishes, sushi, mutton and beef, fish at all.

Whether you know? The aroma of cinnamon is one of the most sold in the world and is often used in store networks as a smell for customer acquisition.

Recipes of useful drinks with cinnamon

Various recipes of drinks with addition of cinnamon for fast and harmless weight loss enjoy wide popularity among women. Let's consider how they need to be prepared and accepted correctly for achievement of effective result.

Recipe 1.

200 ml of kefir, 2 h a spoon of honey to mix a cinnamon spoon, 1 h a spoon of ginger and a piece of a lemon from 100 ml of water 1 h.

Recipe 2.

To make juice of one lemon, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon in capacity with 1.5 liters of water. Before the use drink needs to be cooled in the natural way.

Recipe 3.

In a tea cup ordinary tea leaves to which 1/3 teaspoons of cinnamon are added are poured and carefully mix up. Such tea can be had in unlimited number at any time.

Important! It is necessary to remember that tea with cinnamon can not only bring benefit, but also in some separate cases harm to an organism. It happens seldom and generally at people who abuse spice in drink. After the use of excess quantity of cinnamon the eructation and indigestions are possible.

Recipes of house cosmetology

In cosmetology cinnamon spice is added to various masks for maintenance of beauty of the face, a body and hair. Let's consider several popular recipes.

For hair

The main benefit which is brought by cinnamon for hair is a clarification of grease channels of head skin, a possibility of fast disposal of dandruff and also reduction of dying off and loss of hair bulbs.

Recipe 1. The strengthening and restoring mask with honey.

3 tablespoons of cinnamon powder mix with 2 tablespoons of liquid honey, then add 5 drops of essential cinnamon and coconut oil to mix and warm on a water bath. Mix should be applied on clean and dry hair, and then to put on a warm rubber hat and to keep half an hour on the head. 2 times a week, by a course — 1.5 months are recommended to do such mask.

Recipe 2. A mask for hair with cinnamon for clarification.

It is possible to clarify east spice only hair which were not subject to coloring. Color of a cover can change after that literally on 2 or 3 tones, to become brighter and is lighter. For preparation of this mask it is necessary to use only the nonmetallic vessel. Then:

  • on a water bath 2 tablespoons of honey which then mixes up with 3 tablespoons of cinnamon powder are warmed;
  • 3 tablespoons of balm for hair are added to the received mix;
  • mix is evenly applied on the washed-up and a little moist hair for 3-4 hours, the head is wrapped up with a film and a towel;
  • after time the hair are carefully washed with room water, after that are in addition rinsed with camomile broth which should not be washed away then.

For face skin

On face skin, in dependence of its type, cinnamon also has positive influence, it is enough to address simple and popular recipes only.

Recipe 1. A mask for dehumidification of pimples.

To mix a spoon of cinnamon with 3 drops of oil of each of the following ingredients 1 h: bergamot, grape seeds and tea tree. It is necessary to apply mix pointwise, only on pimples and the inflamed places, to hold about 7 minutes. The mask is washed away by warm water.

Recipe 2. A srub against a greasy luster and pimples.

Carefully to grind 1 tablespoon of honey (average density) with 1 h a spoon of cinnamon powder. It is necessary to rub mix with circular motions not less than 15 minutes, then to wash away water of room temperature. It is possible to use the recipe only 2-3 times a month.

Recipe 3. A mask against pigmentary spots.

Mix from a half of the mashed banana, a teaspoon of sour cream, a half of spoon of cinnamon powder, 1 teaspoon of juice of a lemon is applied on the cleaned skin front cover. The mask by warm water approximately in 15 minutes is washed away.

Contraindications and harm

Besides positive sides of the use of cinnamon in different spheres, at its use it is desirable to adhere to some precautionary measures and to consider contraindications:

  1. It is not necessary to abuse a product during expectation of the child — it can cause reduction of a uterus and cause premature birth.
  2. In large numbers spice can make toxic impact on a liver, cause a severe headache and the general breakdown.
  3. Not to use in the presence of bleedings and open wounds.
  4. Spice can worsen a condition of the patient with high temperature of a body.
  5. The product is capable to cause allergic reactions at individual intolerance.

It is not important at all where and in what dishes, cosmetics add cinnamon, the main thing — overseas sticks anyway will enhance spicy aroma, will present good mood and will increase vitality of the person using them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team