Cottage cheese dishes: how to make tasty cheesecakes

Cottage cheese dishes: how to make tasty cheesecakes

Cheesecakes - a dish tasty and at the same time simple in preparation, and therefore often give it for breakfast. Cheesecakes are eaten with jam, honey, with a condensed milk, with sour cream. And though to make cheesecakes doesn't make big work in order that they left juicy, magnificent and soft, it is necessary to know some subtleties and secrets.

The first secret: cottage cheese has to be correct

It is quite natural that for preparation of a tasty dish the products have to be only of good quality. A basis of cheesecakes - cottage cheese. And therefore such requirements are imposed to this product: it has to be fresh, not really sour, not fat-free, but not too fat.

Ideal fat content for cottage cheese - from 7 to 18 percent. The texture of cottage cheese has to be without grains, that is homogeneous. If cottage cheese is dryish, then it is simple to correct it: it is necessary to dilute it with milk, kefir or sour cream. 

If cottage cheese kislit, then it is necessary to mask this error excessive addition of sugar that is harmful both to health in general, and to a figure. And the taste of cottage cheese will become hardly noticeable.

If cottage cheese too damp, then is better to get rid of serum by means of a colander or a gauze at once, otherwise it is necessary to add a lot of flour or decoys, and it will make a dish just rubber.

Small council

It is desirable to wipe cottage cheese for cheesecakes through a sieve in order that its consistence was homogeneous. It is important in order that cheesecakes turned out tasty.

The second secret: juiciness of cheesecakes

Only cheesecakes with good consistence will be juicy. 

Eggs - necessary ingredient for cheesecakes, any recipe not doesn't do without them because without them cheesecakes will just collapse. Only their surplus is also not welcomed because of a possibility of obtaining the tough test. 

If there is a wish that cheesecakes were rich and beautiful color, then it is possible to add to them only vitelluses. 

The third secret: the size matters

Cheesecakes shouldn't be thick and large diameter not only in order that they it is better пропеклись, but also for convenience at their turning. To create cheesecakes of the optimum size, dough it is necessary to scoop a tablespoon and to skatyvat small shaybochka.

The fourth secret: ruddy crust

That the crust of cheesecakes was zalotisto-appetizing, it is necessary to fry them in a frying pan with non-stick coating. The bottom of a frying pan has to be thick. 

For frying it is necessary to use quality vegetable oil.

The frying pan before preparation is well heated.

That cheesecakes were propechenny, cover a frying pan dome-shaped. 

It is necessary to fry only on small fire, then cheesecakes won't burn and propenutsya well.

Simple recipe of tasty cheesecakes

In the big vessel to mix a cottage cheese pack, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons of semolina, 1 tablespoon of flour and 1 tablespoon of sour cream, salt, sugar and vanilla to taste. Allow to stand to the test half an hour. 

By means of a tablespoon to divide dough into balls and to create from them shaybochka, their thickness shouldn't be more than two centimeters. 

Previously to warm a frying pan and to spread on it the cheesecakes which are rolled in in flour. Fry on average fire, won't be reddened yet. 

Cheesecakes, both hot, and cooled down are served.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team