Eclairs - it is simple and tasty

Eclairs - it is simple and tasty

This traditional dessert is loved by all. And still eclairs can be not only a dessert …

For preparation of eclairs it is required to you: 100 g of oil, 3 eggs, a glass of water (usual, cut), 200 g of flour, salt on a knife tip.

Preparation of eclairs

Boil water in a pan, kindle in it oil, put salt there. After that gradually we pour out flour in a pan, carefully mixing dough. After dough begins to lag behind pan walls, put it to be cooled.

In dough of room temperature break eggs, carefully mix everything. Lay a baking tray paper for pastries or grease it with a desi (or margarine). Spread a spoon small roundish lumps of the test.

Helpful advice: if you want to receive eclairs not small round, and the extended form, take the confectionery syringe and squeeze out on a baking tray of sausage about 7-9 cm long and about 3 cm wide.

Bake eclairs in previously heated oven at a temperature about 180 degrees Celsius about half an hour.

Attention! Don't open an oven in the course of baking as otherwise eclairs won't turn out air, volume.

After preparation put eclairs to cool down, then half cut them and fill with any cream, whipped cream. It is also possible to make also unsweetened eclairs, snackbars, with different salads.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team