Ginger diet – an effective way of weight loss

Ginger diet – an effective way of weight loss

The diet based on consumption of ginger tea helps not only to get rid of extra kilos, but also to clean an organism from slags and toxins. The ginger diet allows to lose weight without harm for an organism. Consumption of tea from ginger doesn't belong to the category of fast ways of weight reduction as weight loss happens quite slowly, usually it is possible to dump no more than 1-2 kilograms in a week.

Though this way of weight loss doesn't demand strict observance of a diet, but, as well as at any diet, it is recommended to reduce the use of sweet, fat, salty and smoked products to a minimum. The daily food allowance has to decrease and make gradually no more than 1800 kilocalories a day.

Due to normalization of exchange processes of an organism the effect of a diet lasts long time, and risk of return of the lost kilograms almost completely is excluded. Experts advise to use tea from ginger for from 1 to 2 months to receive the best result.

All day norm of ginger drink is prepared since evening. For this purpose it is necessary to rub a small piece of a root of ginger of 10 × 10 mm in size on a small grater and to make in one and a half liters of boiled water. For giving to tea of a mild flavor add the cowberry sheet, lemon juice, branches of mint or a melissa to infusion. Also addition of natural honey – no more than 2 teaspoons isn't forbidden.

Intake of ginger tea is carried out according to the simple scheme: the first portion is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, it is also necessary to have tea throughout the day for half an hour before meal and in an hour later. In total in a day it is necessary to use 1.5 liters of tea. Therefore portions of drink need to be defined independently, depending on that how many times a day you sit down at a table. The morning portion can make 1-2 glasses, as much tea it is necessary to drink before withdrawal for sleeping. You shouldn't drink off all cup. It is necessary to sip tea from ginger, savouring and enjoying this wonderful drink. The invigorating properties of ginger surpass a black coffee in influence. Ginger tea promotes a loss of appetite, at the same time tones up an organism, accelerates a metabolism and stabilizes digestion processes. It is worth to remember also about contraindications: this method of weight loss shouldn't be applied to women during pregnancy and lactation. Doctors don't recommend this way of weight loss to the people having problems with digestive tract and also teenagers and children.

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