"Grain spelled from the past, recipes and advantage to an organism

"Grain spelled from the past, recipes and advantage to an organism

Once this plant was a food basis in Ancient Russia, however over time was forced out by wheat which cultivation and processing demand less efforts. However useful properties of spelled did not allow grain to leave a diet of the person completely therefore today the popularity of this product gains steam again. Than spelled and with what tasty dishes from it it is possible to treat relatives is useful — important to know to each hostess who cares for health of the family.

Use of spelled originates in the Neolithic era. Thanks to its unpretentiousness to the soil and availability of water, it was grown up in droughty regions of Egypt and Babylon. Herodotus and Homer mention in the works it. However, not always the plant carried this name:

  • 2000 years ago spelled was called "emmer".
  • In the territory of modern Morocco, Turkey grew up a wild odnozernyanka or Zanduri wheat.
  • Iran, Jordan, Iraq knew this culture as "a wild dvuzernyanka".

Whether you know? Spelled on an equal basis with corn grits concerns the most high-calorie among grain — in 100 grams of a product 337 calories contain.

  • Till the XIX century, spelled could be met in Europe under the following names: "Uratu wheat", "Move", Timofeev, "spelled", "kamnut".

Spelled is considered the progenitress of usual wheat which forced out it from use thanks to the productivity. However in late the 80th culture returned to the daily menu, and today it is actively grown up in Asia and the USA. Adherents of a healthy lifestyle to whom the spelled pleased the useful structure, original nut taste and ease of preparation became her main consumers.

The uniqueness of spelled is that in its structure properties which bring big benefit to an organism as in respect of health, and improvement of appearance are harmoniously combined. Similar high concentration of important minerals has more in one product not to meet.

It is possible to list spelled advantages infinitely, it contains 18 amino acids that as if small screws in the mechanism of a human body, ensure it trouble-free operation.

Important! One portion of a spelled sates our organism with a large amount of protein, than the whole boiled egg. It is full replacement to proteins of animal origin therefore this culture is so appreciated by vegetarians.

  • disposal of slags, toxins;
  • acceleration of processes of digestion;
  • prevention of stones in bilious, breast cancer;
  • increase in a hormonal background;
  • strengthening of bone tissues;
  • improvement of work of a reproductive system;

Such positive impact on internal processes in an organism well affects also appearance of the person.

Also, spelled positively influences risk mitigation of cardiovascular diseases, decrease in cholesterol, prevention of diabetes, prevention of a stress, strengthening of immunity.

Thanks to the regular use of a spelled the skin color is leveled, reddenings disappear, and the srubs prepared from this culture and a mask will enhance effect. Similar recipes were used in national practice at the time of our ancestors.

For preparation of the cleaning srub it is necessary to take 1-2 tablespoons of spelled to crush and add the same amount of coffee. We apply mix with circular motions, slightly massing skin. The optimum duration of the procedure for time — 2-3 minutes then the srub can be washed away warm water.

Important! Such massage deletes pollution and dead cells and also fills skin with useful substances from structure of spelled.

And here the mask from a spelled is designed to render the tightening effect and to slow down aging of an integument. Its recipe is quite simple:

  • 1 tablespoons of spelled;
  • 1 egg;
  • 0.5 tablespoons of sour cream.

Accurately we mix ingredients, and then for 20 minutes we apply to clean face skin. It is worth doing a mask three times a week within a month though its tightening effect will be noticeable after the first sessions.

Besides, the spelled perfectly affects appearance, promoting elimination of excess weight. For this purpose at its structure there is B6 vitamin which problem to evenly distribute fats in an organism and to remove their surplus rapidly.

In cosmetology often also use such plants as rosemary, a sea-buckthorn, walnut, unab, hemp, jojoba, a linden, a sage medicinal, a peach, a sandalwood, orange and a lemon.

  • Differences in the structure of grain and an ear. Because seed of spelled is covered with a film, more time and efforts to its processing is required. However the special form of an ear of a spelled allows it to keep bigger amount of grains when cleaning while at wheat high percent of losses during harvesting.
  • The spelled transfers diseases, cold weather better, and here wheat more fruitful.
  • On a number of qualities wheat flour wins against a spelled from which bread hardens quicker, however it is more nutritious as ground spelled keeps a maximum of the useful substances.

Whether you know? It is possible to check quality of flour prior to the beginning of pastries. For this purpose it is enough to taste of it: quality flour has slightly sweetish smack.

Though once the mankind also refused use in a spelled diet because of difficulties in its processing, however the useful structure of a plant returned it popularity.

  • nutritious protein;
  • amino acids;
  • hardware;
  • magnesium;
  • zinc;
  • calcium;
  • selenium;
  • vitamins of group B, E, K.

Thanks to such rich set of poleznost, the spelled occasionally can act even as immunnoukreplyayushchy means. Especially it is recommended for reception:

  • to the people recovering after a serious illness which immunity demands strengthening;
  • elderly;
  • to school students;
  • that who needs to get rid of excess weight;
  • to pregnant women;
  • suffering on diabetes.

Read also what vitamins are useful to women, men and children; for cheerfulness and energy, memory and work of a brain; for appearance nails, face and health of nervous system, joints and ligaments, liver, heart and vessels.

Thanks to modern abundance of products on shelves of supermarkets it is possible to buy the desirable. Among this variety it is possible to find also spelled from various suppliers. Choosing itself grain for dinner, examine packing: it has to be intact, hermetically closed.

Having studied structure, details of the producer, pay also attention and to date of production, an expiration date. Among grains the garbage or other, "alien" grains are inadmissible.

Important! The spelled prepared according to the recipe, has golden color, pleasant aroma and slightly nut taste.

In cookery there is a mass of recipes by means of which spelled will become not only useful, but also very tasty dish.

Most often, grain is cooked in the form of porridge. It is excellent replacement of morning porridge or habitual buckwheat. It is possible to make it both on water, and on milk, and for strengthening of taste, at will, add nuts, dried fruits, fruit, jam. The spelled does not boil soft therefore in finished form looks beautifully.

As this culture can be cooked, fried, extinguished, ground in flour, to bake, from it cook soups, salads, tasty baked puddings and spicy sauces. As a garnish spelled will approach meat and fish. It is at first sight difficult to believe, however speltovy flour leaves air desserts and delicious pastries.

Also, this grade of cereal culture is advised to use to people: inclined to excess weight and sick obesity, at the increased arterial blood pressure, during pregnancy.

Among popular spelled dishes there are many recipes of pilaf. For example, Acharov pilaf or spelled with mushrooms perfectly will be suitable for the first acquaintance to this grain.

  • Spelled — 300 g
  • Onions — 50 g
  • Mushrooms — 100 g
  • Melted butter — 80 g

Whether you know? In old times spelled was called "black caviar".

  1. At first we fry in half of oil a spelled within 2-3 minutes. 2. We fill in fried grain with water at the rate of 1:1.5. 3. To cook to readiness about 40 minutes. 4. At this time we cut onions and we fry it in the remained oil till golden color. 5. We add mushrooms to onions and we fry 4-5 more minutes. 6. On a plate we spread a ready spelled, and from above we strew with mushrooms with onions.
  • Spelled — 1 St.
  • Curdled milk — 0.5 l
  • Water — 0.5 l
  • Milk — 0.5 l
  • Butter — 50 g
  • Salt and sugar to taste.
  1. For a start we fill in a spelled for the night with mix from water and curdled milk and we allow to infuse (at least 5-6 hours). 2. For the morning we wash grain with fresh water and we put it on fire, having filled in with milk. 3. Periodically stirring slowly, we wait for a milk vykipaniye for 80%. At this stage we remove a pan from fire, we turn in a towel and we leave for 30-40 minutes to reach. 4. We fill ready porridge with oil and we give on a table.
  • Spelled — 200 g
  • Vegetable broth — 0.5 glasses
  • Leek — 4 pieces.
  • Eggs — 2 pieces.
  • Parsley greens — 2 tablespoons.
  • Grated hard cheese — 100 g

Important! It is possible to prepare grain on cutlets by means of the multicooker: it is necessary to choose the Rice porridge program for 60 minutes, and then to leave for 20 minutes on "Maintenance of heat".

  1. The spelled needs to be wetted previously for the night, and after to fill in with vegetable broth and to allow to begin to boil. 2. After boiling hour we cook on weak fire porridge in open ware. 3. Meanwhile we crumble leek, parsley. 4. We shake up eggs and we add to them greens, grated cheese. 5. We pour out this mix in spelled and well we knead. 6. We form cutlets of the turned-out test and we fry within 10-15 minutes from each party on weak fire. As a garnish for similar cutlets vegetable tomatoes and soft cheeses salad perfectly will approach.

It is better to store spelled in the fridge, but not in a case as other grain. Place grains in the covered container and put far away from products with a strong smell, otherwise grain will absorb foreign aromas. The spelled is perfectly stored for a long time in the raw, without losing the useful properties.

Spelled will become excellent addition to a daily diet and will bring a variety the family menu. Thanks to a good selection of dishes which can be prepared from this grain, vitamins and useful minerals will be present at a family table during each meal. And pastries from spelled flour perfectly will be suitable for those who do not love some grain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team