How it is necessary to eat after the training?

How it is necessary to eat after the training?

All of you, probably, heard more than once about what after the training cannot be eaten within 1-2 hours to avoid a set of fats. But, actually, all on the contrary. Those who begin to train or professional athletes, everything know that food for the structure of a body - the important factor, and such receptions of food in day can be from 5-7 times. Will you think why there is a lot of? Yes, there is a lot of receptions, but it is necessary to eat often and in the small portions, in intervals between food the athletes accept still sports additives which help to be restored quicker after the training. Food is necessary to us not only as process of absorption of goodies, it still is construction material for a body, our hair, nails, teeth, skin, joints, etc. You when you do repair in the apartment, the house choose from everything to you suitable the best materials, here as well here.

At once after the training it is necessary to close a proteinaceous and carbohydrate window. During a training we spend many forces, a glucogene, by the way, it is impossible to be engaged in a power training on a hungry stomach. Eat in 1 hour prior to a training. Otherwise, you just will lack forces for all program or at worst all this will end with a faint.

So, we will begin with a carbohydrate window and what is it? The carbohydrate window is a period right after the end of a training and up to 20 min. when your organism feels severe need in carbohydrate food. You noticed after active, for example, digging-up of potato more than once as you wanted to eat an elephant. It just is also a carbohydrate window when the organism can eat such food, whether complex or light carbohydrates, it fast peretravit all this and compensates the forces. Also it is not necessary to be afraid of products with the high glycemic index that everything will be postponed in a fat. As after the training in muscles there is practically no glycogen and the organism at first wishes to fill the spent energy (glucose at first to go to muscles). It is just necessary to know when to stop how many you use, always there has to be a feeling of ease, but not overeating and weight. Just closing of a carbohydrate window will give us growth of new muscle fibers which in the course of the training are torn, between fibers cracks, gaps are formed. And the following will be products for closing of a window:

  • - apple,
  • - banana, any fruit,
  • - candy, sweets (all moderately),
  • - honey,
  • - milk,
  • - nuts, bean, etc.
  • As soon as we closed a window necessary to us, we still have proteinaceous window, and it just also is intended for filling of these cracks. And the best option will be to accept such products:
  • - protein of eggs,
  • - chicken breast,
  • - cottage cheese,
  • - fish.

Certainly what higher and higher the listed products is possible and it is necessary to prepare correctly, to add to all this salads which are rich with cellulose.

So, do not forget to use competently your knowledge in food after the training and your muscles will tell you Thanks!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team