How to explain to the child what is a subject

How to explain to the child what is a subject

The correct formation of subject and logical thinking at the child begins with an explanation for it what is a subject. What it differs in from phenomena what objects have properties, signs. It is the best of all to explain with examples.


1. Pick up one or two objects well familiar to the child. It can be toys or its personal belongings. Explain that what you show it, is called objects. Ask it to call independently objects from the situation surrounding it. On the first occupation make sure that the child understands that objects do not change the name, being called those.

2. Explain the main difference of objects from the phenomena – the fact that it is possible to touch objects. Gradually expand a circle of things to which it is possible to draw the attention of the child and to explain that they are objects too. At the same time the kid has to understand that objects are also such that it is impossible to touch them. For example, the plane in the sky. It is impossible to reach it, but it remains a subject. Or the thing locked in a case: it cannot be touched too, but it too – a subject.

3. At the same time you teach the child to compare various objects among themselves. One is longer, another is shorter. One is heavier, another is easier. Pay attention that objects are painted in different colors. On the example of meccano show that all details are objects. But from them it is possible to collect any one subject, and then again to take to components – details.

4. When training the child try to act gradually. Do not do occupation too long. It is desirable that they were shorter, but is more often. During the day remind the child of explained, asking to call its objects from a surrounding situation. Ask it about the phenomena, about day and night, about season so that the kid distinguished them from objects.

5. You ask that the child called as much as possible the objects surrounding him. It will contribute to the development of a lexicon and expansion of its outlook. At digestion of material the child has to touch with hands the objects called by it, consider them. If the subject consists of several parts – to call these parts.

6. Try to build process of training in the form of a game. Children like to play, they develop playing. Thanks to it the child not only will quicker acquire a concept of a subject, but also will derive pleasure from training.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team