How to calculate amount of fruit for juice

How to calculate amount of fruit for juice

The freshly squeezed, prepared independently juice it is much more useful bought in shop: in them all vitamins and minerals which are contained in fruit remain. But it is necessary to consider that preparation of different juice requires various amount of fruit depending on their juiciness.

Amount of fruit for juice

Oranges and in general citrus – some of the most juicy fruit therefore for preparation of their juice it is required least of all. By means of the juice extractor the glass of juice can be made of two averages by the size of oranges. Juice will turn out concentrated, sated, it is possible to dilute it with water. From the same two oranges it is possible to receive bigger amount of juice if previously to freeze them in the freezer, then to defreeze, process in the blender to homogeneous mass and to leave in a colander to be filtered. In that case juice about a liter will turn out.

Apples less juicy though too contain a lot of liquid. Preparation of one glass requires about a half of kilogram of apples. If you need to make juice liter, take one and a half kilograms. Precisely it is difficult to calculate amount of apples for juice as different grades of these fruit have various juiciness.

Pomegranate juice, pomegranate – very juicy fruit which gives a saturated verjuice is considered very useful. Therefore it is often diluted with water, and even from one pomegranate it is possible to receive liter of good juice. But it is important correct to prepare it: if to squeeze out by means of a citrus sokovizhimalka, without peeling fruit, then from a half of pomegranate not enough juice – less than a half of a glass will turn out. Besides, not only grains, but also partitions which give to liquid bitter smack get to the device. It is much more economical to peel pomegranate and to process grains in the blender or the ordinary juice extractor. It is impossible to call apricots juicy, in the juice extractor from them puree or absolutely small amount of juice often turns out. Therefore to preparation time to puree add water in the ratio one to one. From kilogram of these fruit about one and a half liters of juice turn out. From one large and juicy pear in the juice extractor it is possible to prepare about 200 milliliters of juice, that is on liter it is necessary to take five pieces.

How to calculate amount of fruit for juice?

All listed recipes – approximate, precisely it is difficult to calculate amount of fruit for juice as everything depends on a way of preparation, on juice extractor power, on juiciness and ripeness of fruit, on their grade and many other factors. It is the best of all to establish exact amount of the fruit, necessary for juice, on the experience: check how many juice turns out from a certain quantity of each type of fruit in your juice extractor or the steam juicer, write down results and next time use these records.

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