How to cook a tinned sorrel soup?

How to cook a tinned sorrel soup?

The first leaves of a sorrel appear in the early spring, with these greens cook useful, tasty and rich soup. It contains vitamins C, In, E and K, it is rich with mineral elements and cellulose. In the winter it is possible to indulge himself with a dish with pleasant sourness too if there is a tinned sorrel.


The sorrel in a tinned look is on sale in many shops, it can also be made for the winter independently. Soup requires the meat (pork or chicken) cut on small pieces. And also carrots, bank of a tinned sorrel, potatoes, onions, bell pepper, oil and lavrushka.

In the beginning we do broth: in water we put the cut meat, we cook 50 minutes, without forgetting to remove a skin. Then we fill up the cut potatoes, we leave on fire for 20 minutes. It is possible to salt broth a little. We fry onions and carrots, we pour into soup. Then in a frying pan we extinguish a sorrel and too we put in a pan to other products. In 2-3 minutes prior to switching off of fire we add a lavrushka and pepper.

Cooking soup, it is necessary to remember that the tinned sorrel is added only when potatoes completely cooked. Otherwise vegetable will turn out firm and won't boil soft.

Shchavelny fried meat soup

There is also one more way to cook a tinned sorrel soup. In the beginning to fry meat in a frying pan and when the golden crust appears, to add shabby carrots and the onions cut into cubes.

While meat is fried, to cook potatoes, it is possible to salt it a little, but isn't really strong as in a tinned sorrel which is on sale in shop, add salt.

When potatoes completely cook, to fill up to it meat with onions and carrots, a sorrel. Allow to boil 10 minutes if it is necessary, to dosolit and pepper.

To a table shchavelny soup is served with greens and boiled egg. This dish can also be prepared without onions and carrots, there is enough sorrel, potatoes and meat. If desired egg can be cut and added to a pan right after cooking. Dress this dish with sour cream or mayonnaise. 

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