How to cook cepes

How to cook cepes

Cepes have excellent gustatory qualities. Besides, they are very useful. Therefore many enter them into the diet. At the same time it is important to boil correctly cepes before preparation of dishes with them.

Cooking of fresh cepes

If you bought fresh cepes or brought them from the wood, then first of all the baking plate will be required to wash with flowing water them carefully. Then each mushroom is cut on several small parts. Further the pan with water on fire is put and brought to the boil. Then the cut mushrooms fall to the boiling liquid, are added some salt to taste and within 5 minutes cook on strong fire. Further from them the skin surely carefully is removed. Then fire is diminished and mushrooms are maintained on it about 75 minutes. At the same time if they had a fine texture, and were the big size then it is worth cooking them about 2 hours. But anyway it will be required to try them surely. They have to be soft and moderately salty. To impact them special aroma and a pungent flavor, it is possible in 15 minutes prior to readiness to add small cut onions and fresh celery.

Cooking of dried cepes

If you decided to regale on dried cepes, then before cooking it will be required to soak them in water. At first it is necessary to take a deep bowl. In it it will be required to pour boiled water in the ratio – on a handful of mushrooms of 200 ml of liquid. Surely it is necessary to add a little salt to a bowl. Mushrooms for 1.5 hours are left to be soaked. Then water in them changes on fresh and they are stood in it 1 more hour. Then it is possible to put a pan on fire. Water in it has to be approximately on handles. When it begins to boil it is necessary to throw the soaked cepes and to cook on average fire about 45 minutes. If you decide them to cut previously then it is possible to maintain on fire them only 25-30 minutes. Before disconnecting mushrooms, they need to be tried.

Preparation of cepes in the multicooker and the double boiler

If you have in an arsenal the multicooker, then it is possible to cook cepes in it. It is required to clean at first them and to wash in case they fresh, or to soak in liquid within 2 hours if they are dried. Then water is poured into the multicooker and added some salt, and mushrooms are showered then, they should be cut previously on small pieces. Then it is necessary to expose the Pastries mode for 40 minutes. Cepes in the double boiler are cooked quicker. On it only 30 minutes leave. Also it will be required to prepare them – to soak or clean and wash a baking plate with water. Then they give all the best in the double boiler, are added some salt and cook the specified time a little.

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