How to cook dense cherry jam

How to cook dense cherry jam

Cherry jam – the tasty fragrant delicacy containing vitamins C, B2, P, folic acid and iron. Best of all jam from late grades of cherry turns out. It can be prepared with stones or without them.

It is required to you

  • - 1 kg of cherry;
  • - 1 kg of sugar (its quantity can be increased to your taste).


1. Peel berries from leaves and sticks, wash out them. Take out stones from cherry by means of special adaptation. Fill up berries with a half of norm of sugar and leave for the night. Cherry at the same time will give a lot of juice.

2. Put in the morning cherry with sugar on average fire and you cook it within 15 minutes. Switch off fire and cool jam. Merge all syrup in separate ware, add the remained sugar there, properly stir and you cook it on average fire. So far leave a pan with berries away.

3. After a while check cherry syrup for density. Pour cold water in a saucer and drip in it a syrup drop. It shouldn't spread if the dense drop was created – syrup is ready.

4. Fill up in ready syrup of berry, mix and pour on the banks which are in advance prepared washed and sterilized. When cherry jam is cooled, it will be dense.

5. Cook from cherry with stones dense fragrant jam. Touch and wash out berries. Weld syrup from 1 glass of water and all amount of sugar. When it becomes transparent, put cherry, mix, bring to the boil and switch off fire.

6. Leave jam before full cooling, then include fire, bring it to the boil, remove from fire and wait when jam cools down. Put jam on fire in the third (last) time and you cook it until ready. Define readiness as follows: drip a jam drop on any cold surface (spoon, a saucer). If the drop doesn't spread – it is ready.

7. While cherry jam cooks, wash out and sterilize banks. Spread out in them hot jam and close the sterilized covers. Put cups covers down, close them something, keeping heat (for example, newspapers and dense towels). In an hour remove "thermal insulation", turn banks, wait for full cooling and remove them on storage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team