What dish can be prepared from potato

What dish can be prepared from potato

Potato – not only a garnish, but also remarkable main ingredient of more difficult dish. Prepare found гратен with cheese, fry hash browns or make fast potato pizza. You will force yourself and those who will taste your food, in a new way to look at this "boring" vegetable.

Potato гратен


- 700 g of potatoes; - 500 ml of 10% cream;

- 150 g of a hard cheese; - 3 segments of garlic; - 10 g of a desi; - 1/2 tsps of nutmeg; - 1/3 tsps of a black sprinkling pepper; - 1 tsps of salt. Clean garlic segments and crush a knife. Pour cream in a small pan or a stewpan and put on average fire. Add garlic, black pepper, salt and nutmeg there. Well vent sauce and you weary 3-4 minutes. Bring it almost to the boil and immediately remove from a plate. Cut off a peel from potatoes and cut them on thin almost transparent circles.

Warm an oven to 180oC. Grease with a desi a heat resisting form and lay in it potato layers, watering them with creamy gravy. Put ware in an oven for 40 minutes. Evenly strew гратен with a grated cheese and bake it 7-10 more minutes at 200oc to a golden crust.

Potato hash browns

Ingredients: - 500 g of potatoes; - 2 eggs; - 2 segments of garlic (optional); - 2-3 tablespoons of flour; - pinch of a black sprinkling pepper; - 1 tsps of salt; - vegetable oil; - 20 g of parsley; - sour cream. Grate the peeled potatoes, put in a deep bowl and salt a salt pinch. Wait until juice is emitted then wring out vegetable straws hands or cast away on a colander. Mix potato with a frothed eggs, davleny garlic, chopped parsley, flour, pepper and the remained salt. Heat vegetable oil on strong fire before crackling, then lower temperature to an average value. Fry hash browns to a rumyanost, spreading dough a tablespoon and pressing down a little it that potato fritters well пропеклись. Give them hot with sour cream.

Potato pizza

Ingredients: - 300 g of potatoes; - 100 g of the fresh or frozen chanterelles; - 1 napiform bulb; - 1 egg; - 1 tablespoons of sour cream; - 2 tablespoons of flour; - 40 g of a hard cheese; - 15 g of fennel; - salt; - vegetable oil. Wash up chanterelles and small cut. Exempt from a peel and thinly chop onions. Fry thoroughly it in vegetable oil at first alone to transparency, then together with mushrooms. Prepare subfrying, liquid won't be evaporated yet, add some salt to it and lay out in a plate. Grate potatoes on a small grater, connect the turned-out puree to sour cream and egg, pour flour and 1/2 tsps of salt and mix to uniformity. Pour out dough in the heating-up frying pan with vegetable oil. Close ware a cover and bake a basis of pizza of 7 minutes on weak fire. Carefully turn flat cake, having taken it a wide scapula, cover with a mushroom stuffing, a grated cheese and cut fennel. Again close a cover and bake a dish of 5 more minutes.

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