How to make stewed meat from a turkey

How to make stewed meat from a turkey

Stewed meat — very convenient product from which it is quickly possible to prepare a set of dishes. The stewed meat can be stored within several years, without losing the taste and value. Stewed meat from a turkey will allow you to enjoy tasty, juicy and gentle meat.

The recipe of home-made stewed meat from a turkey

For preparation of stewed meat from a turkey it is required to you: - a turkey of the average size — 1 piece;

- bay leaf — 8 pieces; - 1 tsps of peas of a black pepper;

- salt; - banks; - foil. Place a carcass of a turkey that it came out all blood in water of room temperature. You keep a turkey in water about 2-3 hours.

Now it is necessary to cut a bird. Remove large bones. Thin edges of a turkey can be chopped, then to add to stewed meat and then they will develop a delicate flavor. Keep in mind that pinbones can be very dangerous. Cut off fatty tissue which is useful as preservative. Bones from which you remove meat can be used for broth. From a carcass cut off meat which then needs to be cut small pieces, to weigh and salt from the following calculation: on 1 kg of meat 1 tsp of salt is required.

For preservation and storage of stewed meat it is better to choose banks of small volume. Carefully sterilize one-liter jars, on a bottom put 2-3 bay leaves and on 5 peas of a black pepper. Fill banks with meat of a turkey and fill in on 3/4 boiled water. Close a neck of cans a foil. Lay a pan a towel, put cups and send a pan to an oven which should be included on 180 wasps. Meat has to be stewed about 3 hours. Roll up banks with ready stewed meat the sterilized covers, turn and wrap up heat. It is necessary to store stewed meat from a turkey in a cold spot.

Stewed meat from a turkey in the multicooker

It is required to you: - a turkey of the average size — 1 piece; - a black pepper (peas) — to taste; - bay leaf — 8-10 pieces; - salt (to taste). The carcass of a turkey needs originally to be scorched, washed out and dried by means of a paper towel. Flay from a bird, separate meat from bones and cut it on small pieces. Pinbones from edges and wings can be taken out at once, and it is possible not to touch since they are easily taken out from ready stewed meat. Everything meat for stewed meat surely weigh total. In a pan of the multicooker put all turned-out meat, add 200 ml of water and prepare in the Suppression mode about 3 hours. Water can be added a little since in the course of preparation meat emits juice. In 1 hour prior to the end of preparation add some spice: salt (on 1 kg of a bird of 1 tablespoon of salt), peas of a black pepper and bay leaf. For traditional taste of stewed meat from a turkey of these spices it is enough, also you can add seasoning voluntarily and to taste. Meanwhile prepare the sterilized banks in which it is necessary spread out still hot stewed meat, to close covers, to turn and cover with something warm. If you are going to store stewed meat long (up to 5 years), then it is necessary to increase twice amount of salt, and to sterilize the jars about 1 hour. It is necessary to store stewed meat in the fridge. Also it it is possible spread out on containers and to place in the freezer.

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