How to cook soft-boiled egg

How to cook soft-boiled egg

Even the simplest and known recipes can have some nuances and features allowing to achieve the best results. If to cook soft-boiled egg in due form, then it won't burst, protein will have a pleasant soft, but firm texture, and the yolk will become viscous, not too liquid and not too dense. Changing preparation time, it is possible to achieve different results, tastes at all various.

How to cook eggs

Cooking of eggs seems the simplest matter in cookery: it is enough to lower of them in water, to put on fire and to take out in a few minutes. But often because of non-compliance with some nuances of egg burst, turn out tasteless, protein gains consistence of rubber, and the yolk is either absolutely crude, or too dense.

For soft-boiled preparation it is very important to take fresh eggs: not freshness of hard-boiled yolks isn't so noticeable, as at liquid state. If to put eggs in water, fresh will fall by a bottom – their age is from 1 to 6 days. One-two weeks were stored the eggs floating in the middle between a water surface and a bottom, such it is possible to take for cooking too. But if they emerged, then their term is month or more, it is desirable to use them at pastries, and for cooking to buy new. Besides, it is simpler to shell fresh eggs.

Choose a pan of the suitable size depending on amount of eggs – they have to lie in it densely, not float that the shell didn't burst. Before starting cooking, take eggs at the room temperature if they were stored in the fridge. It is desirable to salt water for cooking a little, so the shell will become firmer and won't burst.

Ways of cooking of soft-boiled eggs

There are several ways to cook soft-boiled egg. It is possible to put it in cold water, to bring to the boil at high temperature, to lower fire after boiling and to note time. Three minutes are enough that the semi-fluid egg reminding crude turned out, but with more dense protein, the yolk in that case will remain absolutely liquid. Four minutes are enough in order that protein completely cooked, and the yolk was slightly ropish. And if you want to leave a small liquid speck in the middle of egg, then it is necessary to cook five minutes. It is possible to lower eggs a tablespoon in the boiling water, do it accurately and slowly and make sure that they are not cold. Boil them one minute, then switch off fire and take them in hot water. If to take out eggs in five minutes, then the body will be weak, in six minutes of squirrels will already become firmer. Coddled eggs will turn out in seven minutes. Put the cooked eggs a baking plate cold water for a couple of minutes that they were easier peeled. If you want to cook quail soft-boiled eggs, reduce preparation time by 60%. Experiment with time to achieve that consistence most of which of all is pleasant to you.

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