How to distinguish appetite from the imposed advertizing

How to distinguish appetite from the imposed advertizing

Marketing technologies of food production work against our waist. Their purpose is to force to choose a product of their brand, among other variety. It doesn't do well to our health and spoils a figure.

Here some tricks of marketing specialists: - Bright packings and slogans "Choose Me".

The person perceives large volumes of information during the day, by means of the Internet and television including. Therefore questions of the minimum importance, such as choice of cookies are solved automatically. "Bury me"? – Perfectly. One choice it is less.

- False opinion as if chocolate bar can satisfy hunger. On the contrary, it will cause sharp increase in level of sugar in blood, our organism will begin to overtake it in fat that naturally sugar will lower. But, will only increase appetite.

- "All love it, and Seryozha too" How often you buy products, for the reason "Because all take them"? This principle works at a false statement, be sure, ALL yes sir don't do. - Sell emotions, but I don't go. Advertizing lies to you. If you buy an excess pack of cookies, or a sparkling water bottle, then everything will remain still. The cheerful companies, happy families, the pleasant atmosphere at work - the t you, but not depends on excess calories with a bright slogan. What products buy? - Only those which are necessary for you. Make the shopping list to a visit of shop. It will help you to stick to your desires, but not desires of sellers. - Define a circle of the flavoring addictions, developing selectivity in the choice of products. - Try on on yourself a new role, buying products: be a culinary critic, the esthete and the gourmet, even the snob. Your stomach will tell you for this thanks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team