How to dry fruit and berries of the house

How to dry fruit and berries of the house

Drying - one of the most ancient ways of preservation of fruits. Process reminds drying: fruit and berries under the influence of the sun and air dry up, changing consistence and developing the concentrated taste. However dried products never become fragile and fragile - fruits keep a part of moisture, remaining elastic and dense.

Very juicy fruit and berries with dense pulp are suitable for drying: apricots, apples, melons, dates, plums, grapes, fig. That they reached the best consistence, sun roast is required. At its absence it is possible to slightly dry fruit in an oven or the electrodryer. Sometimes fruits are previously boiled in a sugar syrup. After processing, fruit and berries store in boxes, cardboard boxes or linen sacks. You shouldn't pack fruits into plastic bags - fruit and berries can grow mouldy.

Dried fruit differ in high caloric content. Use them in the small portions as a dessert or having a snack, accompanying with hot tea or other drinks.

Dried melon

Any melon, even overripe or not too tasty will be suitable for drying. Cut it on segments, cut off a crust. Spread out pieces of a melon on a board and put to dry in the sun, previously having covered with a gauze. For the night you bring plates with fruit to the room.

When the melon is wrinkled and will be condensed, put two-three segments together and twist them in a braid. Finally dry wickers in the sun some more days. Fruits have to become dense, but keep flexibility.

Dried apricots in sugar

In house conditions fruit can be dried in an oven or the electrodryer. That the taste of fruits became more concentrated, and juice was emitted more actively, fruits are recommended to be boiled thoroughly in a sugar syrup. According to this recipe it is possible to prepare apricots, peaches, cherry or sweet cherry. It is required to you: - 2 kg of pitted apricots; - 1 kg of sugar; - 350 ml of water. Touch apricots, having rejected bruise fruits. Wash out fruit in several waters and dry, having scattered on a towel. Remove stones, trying that fruits remained whole. Lay out apricots in a pan and fill up 700 g of sugar. Mix mix a wooden scapula and leave for day - during this time excess juice has to leave fruit.

Use apricot juice and syrup for preparation of drinks, sweet sauces and various desserts.

Merge juice, having cast away apricots on a colander. Then prepare syrup from water and the remained sugar. You cook it until crystals completely are dissolved. Lay out fruits in a pan, mix and bring to the boil. Prepare apricots on weak fire of 7-10 minutes, then switch off a plate and leave fruit to infuse. Syrup has to become warm, but not stiffen. Again cast away apricots on a colander. Let's syrup flow down, mixing fruits a wooden scapula. Spread out apricots on a lattice of the electrodryer and dry at a temperature of 55 wasps about 3 hours. Instead of the dryer it is possible to use an oven. Cool ready fruits and remove on storage.

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