How to dry ginger

How to dry ginger

The ginger root - one of the most popular spices, came to us from the Southern Asia. It is used in cookery for preparation of meat, fish dishes, confectionery. Ginger is irreplaceable both in dietary food and in traditional medicine. Now the fresh root of ginger is on sale in many Russian supermarkets. Fresh ginger is stored in the fridge no more than 10 days, then it begins to lose quickly moisture and it is possible to use such root only after long soaking. To keep spice for further use, ginger can be dried up.

It is required to you

  • Ginger root
    • Sharp knife
    • Cutting board
    • Baking tray
    • Parchment or tracing-paper
    • Oven
    • Blender or mortar


1. Choosing a ginger root in shop, pay attention to its appearance. The fresh root has to be smooth and dense, with a fresh spicy flavor, on ginger there shouldn't be wrinkled sites. One more useful sign - the root size. The it is longer, the is richer with essential oils and minerals.

2. If the root of ginger has quite dense peel, then before drying of a root cut off it. The easiest to cut off a peel along a root from the basis to edge. Branches from a root should be cut off and cleaned separately. Try to cut off a peel as it is possible more thinly, under it all valuable essential oils which are contained in ginger are concentrated. It is very convenient to cut a root under a cold water jet, then eyes from release of essential oils of ginger won't water.

3. To lay out Chishcheny backs of ginger on a cutting board and to cut with a sharp knife on thin petals. To cover a baking tray or a superficial frying pan parchment or a tracing-paper. From above an even layer a petal from a petal to spread out the cut ginger.

4. It is necessary to dry ginger in an oven at first at a temperature not over 50C. The door of a case should be held slightly slightly opened that there was a moisture ginger. In about two hours temperature can be increased up to 70C. If your oven is equipped with the convector, then it is possible to dry ginger in the convection mode at a temperature up to 75C. It is necessary to check ginger vysushennost degree constantly. If it becomes fragile, it means that it is dried already up. Get a baking tray from an oven and allow ginger to cool down completely at the room temperature.

5. The ginger which is dried up thus can be put in banks for spices on storage, and it is possible to crush in a mortar or in the blender. It depends on in what look it is necessary to you.

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