How to fry without oil

How to fry without oil

Fried oil emits carcinogens - substances hazardous to health which break cellular exchange and provoke various diseases. To avoid such negative consequences, it is the best of all to consume the food steamed and if there is a strong wish fried – to prepare without oil.

It is required to you

  • - frying pan with teflon coating;
  • - water;
  • - mustard.


1. To roast products without oil, use a frying pan with quality teflon coating. Thanks to it food won't stick to a bottom, and the frying pan won't emit when frying without oil hazardous substances. On it it is easy to prepare some dishes, for example fried eggs. Just well calcinate a frying pan, break in it eggs and wait 1-2 minutes. For such time the dish will prepare, but won't manage to burn.

2. In this way it is possible to roast also some juicy vegetables, for example squash. Cut them with thin plates or circles, salt, roll in in flour and lay out on well heated-up frying pan. Fry on several minutes from each party, often overturning. The juice emitted from squash from high temperature won't allow them to burn for so short time.

3. To roast meat, cut it on small pieces and lay out on the warmed frying pan. In the course of cooking constantly add a little water that meat didn't burn. And when it will become soft, just evaporate all liquid and let's meat be roasted to a ruddy crust.

4. It is possible to make juicy steak and without water. For this purpose cover each piece of meat with a large number of mustard, put in ceramic or glasswares, cover and remove in the fridge at least for 3 hours, and it is better – for the night.

5. Before frying remove the mustard remains with a clean rag, but don't wash away water at all. Add some salt to steaks and fry in the heated frying pan with teflon coating on 3-4 minutes from each party. It is better to do it under the closed cover. Thanks to such simple marinade, steaks will turn out tasty, very juicy and will prepare for a short time without oil.

6. Use mustard to make steak from a salmon. Here it is only necessary to maintain fish in this marinade less long time – all a couple of hours. And during cooking it can be watered with lemon juice which will add to a dish additional savor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team