How to make cake ""Potato"

How to make cake ""Potato"

The Potato cake is delicacy which both in a form, and on color reminds such vegetable as potatoes. The recipe for this dessert is very simple, the dish doesn't need pastries therefore it is possible to make it together with children. Production of similar cakes will give a lot of pleasure to your kid.

It is required to you

  • - 300 g of cookies (will approach either "Anniversary", or "Baked milk", or "Komfi");
  • - 1/2 banks of a condensed milk (it is possible both to buy, and to make independently);
  • - 150 g of a fresh desi (unsalted);
  • - 3 tablespoons of powder of cocoa without various additives;
  • - tablespoon of cognac or any liqueur (at will).


1. In a big bowl it is necessary to lay out the softened desi, to cut it on small pieces and to add a condensed milk. Properly to mix everything to homogeneous mass (it is possible to use the mixer, process of preparation will happen much quicker).

2. Further it is necessary to add a tablespoon of cocoa to a bowl and to shake up, repeat the procedure once again (there has to be only one spoon of cocoa).

3. The next stage - crushing of cookies. Two options are suitable for crushing: rubbing on a grater and transmission via the meat grinder. It is possible to choose any on the discretion.

4. Further it is necessary to pour out gradually cookies in a bowl to oil mix and to mix carefully. It is necessary to add the crushed cookies in the small portions, not to pour out everything at once at all, otherwise, first, everything will be quite difficult to be mixed that cookies evenly became impregnated, secondly, dough can turn out short and it will be impossible to roll from it cake. At this stage it is possible to add cognac or liqueur to dough. If cake is eaten also by children, then this stage needs to be passed or added more useful ingredients, for example, shredded nuts.

5. Now it is possible to start formation of cakes. It is necessary to divide the turned-out weight a tablespoon into small portions, then to create the correct a little extended ""sausages"" from these pieces. Ready ""sausages"" need to be rolled in in cocoa powder, then to lay out them on a flat plate. Place in the fridge for three-five hours then it is possible to enjoy the most tasty delicacy.

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