How to make flat cake "Almoyshavena

How to make flat cake "Almoyshavena

Very simple, but tasty airy crunchy flat cake! Take it to the park or on the seashore - with a glass of cold fruit drink remarkable having a snack will turn out!

It is required to you

  • - 400 g of water;
  • - 200 g of olive oil;
  • - 260 g of wheat flour;
  • - 8 eggs;
  • - ground cinnamon to taste;
  • - sugar to taste;
  • - couple of pinches of salt;
  • - pork fat (optionally).


1. In a saucepan mix water with oil, put on a plate and bring to the boil. Remove from a ring and add couple of pinches of salt.

2. Further it is necessary to make flour. For this purpose at once pour into the boiling water all flour and quickly, carefully and intensively mix by means of a rake. Begin to add some egg, carefully kneading weight after everyone. At first dough will be rather non-uniform, layered, but then will turn into smooth and homogeneous.

3. Take a big baking tray (better with high sides) and grease it with the kindled desi or a pork fat. It is possible also just to cover it good baking paper or parchment. Lay out on it all dough and smear on a surface by means of the rake moistened in water in a thin layer.

4. Put an oven to be warmed up to the temperature of 180 degrees.

5. In a separate drinking bowl to mix cinnamon and sugar. Take quantity to taste. Strew with mix dough on a baking sheet a uniform layer. From above according to the test it is possible to spread out the pork fat cut on small cubes - it gives ""highlight"" to pastries, but it is quite possible to do also without it (or to replace with a desi!).

6. Send to the hot furnace for half an hour. At first dough will be blown up, but then will fall. Readiness can be checked, having knocked on a product: the sound has to be dry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team