How to make fragrant cowberry jam

How to make fragrant cowberry jam

Bitterly - sweet, a little astringent taste of cowberry remains also in winter preparations — jam, jam, jam. And to emphasize special aroma of cowberry jam, add other fruit and berries, spices, honey to it.

It is required to you

  • For cowberry jam:
    • — 1 kg of cowberry;
    • — 1.2 kg of sugar;
    • — 0.5 glasses of water;
    • — cinnamon stick;
    • — 3 buds of a carnation;
    • — 1 tsps of a lemon dried peel.
    • For cowberry jam:
    • — 1 kg of cowberry;
    • — 2 glasses of sugar;
    • — 1 glass of water.
    • For cowberry jam with carrots:
    • — 1 kg of cowberry;
    • — 350 g of sugar;
    • — 450 g of carrots.


1. Touch cowberry berries, separate them from fruit stems, branches and clean from garbage. Remove the turned black, immature, rotten fruits. Wash up a baking plate cool flowing water, dry a little. Lower berries in the boiling water and blanch within 2-3 minutes to remove excessive bitterness. Carefully, not to rumple, take out berries a skimmer and cool. Use water in which cowberry cooked for preparation of a sugar or honey syrup.

2. Cowberry to a varenyezasypta sugar in water also you cook syrup until sugar completely is dissolved. Instead of sugar it is possible to use 700 g of honey. Kindle it on a water bath and connect to warm water.

3. Add some berry to a sugar syrup. Bring to the boil and boil thoroughly weight on strong fire within 10 minutes, accurately mixing cowberry berries. Remove the formed foam. Then lower fire to weak and you cook about half an hour until ready, periodically stirring slowly with jam. At the end add some spice — a grated lemon dried peel, a carnation and cinnamon, stir.

4. Leave ready jam for 8-10 hours in order that it completely cooled down. Then pour cowberry jam on the sterilized dry banks and roll up covers. You store jam in the dark cool place 1-2 years.

5. Cowberry you povidlopropustit the prepared cowberry berries via the meat grinder. Then wipe through a sieve to remove a thin skin and grains. Add sugar to cowberry puree, pour in water and put weight on weak fire. Uvarivayte with puree on a third, constantly stirring slowly. Pour hot jam on sterile banks, cool, and then close covers.

6. Cowberry jam with a morkovyyuvymoyta also peel carrots from a thin skin. Cut root crops circles about 5 mm thick or small cubes. Throw carrot pieces in the boiling water and boil thoroughly within 10 minutes. Then cast away on a colander that excess liquid flew down.

7. Place the blanched cowberry berries in big ware, fill up with sugar and bring to the boil. You cook cowberry within 8-10 minutes, scumming. After that fill up carrots and boil thoroughly about 10-15 more minutes, stirring slowly. Pour cowberry and carrot jam in the prepared dry banks even more hotly, roll up covers and cool.

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